Online Roulette

Among its other counterparts at a casino, Roulette has always been the game of royalty. We, at Swift Casino, welcome you to our kingly paradise and can vouch for a thrilling and majestic experience at the numerous Online Roulette games we have on offer. Be it French, European or American Online Roulette, we offer an unmatched variety of Live Roulette Online where you can enjoy the feel of the wheel and play your favourite game of Classic Roulette Online.

Roulette marks its origins in France, in the 19th century. Loosely translated as “little wheel’, the game of Online Roulette at our casino promises to be a game of irresistible suspense and thrill that you seek! For numerous beginners who want to make a splash in the world of Online Roulette, we offer a comprehensive guide to roulette to help you navigate this labyrinth and play live roulette online.

Spin the Wheel

So what does it feel when you spin the casino wheel and engross yourself in the enigmatic universe of Online Roulette? If you don’t know the answer, we are here to give you an overview of the gameplay of the Online Roulette wheel.

The roulette wheel has different pockets with random numbers in each of them. These pockets are numbered from zero to 36. For the numerical range of 1 to 10 and 19 to 28, even numbers are black in colour while odd ones are red. Also, for the numerical range of 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, the opposite is true, i.e., the even numbers are red in colour while odd ones are black. The number zero is in a pocket that is green in colour.

In a typical spin, bets are placed on these numbers of the Online Roulette table; the wheel is spun, the ball is also spun separately around the wheel and the players announce their bets. The bet is simply on a number where you think the Roulette ball will land. It is as simple as that. No rocket science, just a game of judgement and chance. It is this simplicity in gameplay that makes Online Roulette one of the most compelling casino games in the world. The sense of extreme luck and randomness associated with the game is a far cry from sports like Blackjack. In the case of Roulette, you just need to comprehend the basic etiquette and rules of the game and you are good to go. knowing a few common strategies does not necessarily give you a head start. It is all based on luck.

Strategise Your Gameplay

Simple as it may seem, the Online Roulette world can be a maze of confusion for professional and leisure players alike. We offer you a solution to this conundrum with a set of easy rules to follow in order to make the best of your spins at the roulette wheel.

  • Making outside wagers in more numbers: Nothing is ever guaranteed, although with lower returns. Bets on Red or Black, High or Low, Evens or Odds are likely to pass muster
  • Resisting the urge to bet it all: We advise players to keep what they win, If you had £50 which swelled to £150 at the table, it is desirable to keep that £100 neatly in the pocket and wager the initial £50 again. This can be of immense help if you lose that whole £50 in the remaining bets, at least you will have a cushion that will never let you feel empty-handed
  • May kinds of bets like Split, Street, Corner, Inside or Straight-up ones can be played in the game of Online Roulette.

Good Fortune With Swift Casino

We, at Swift Casino, want to establish a genuine connection with our players and patrons. This attitude defines our relationship with customers, whom we engage, reward and incentivise in all aspects of the games at our casino.

The players at our casino can enjoy welcome bonuses, latest promotions, VIP benefits and premium services. We also partake in the best casino game providers to execute a topnotch platform for innovative games and experiences at the casino. Popular games in the Roulette world like Classic Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette, Diamond Roulette, Speed Roulette constitute a part of our growing portfolio of casino games.

Swift Casino is also a signatory to the mobile gaming revolution with its own set of mobile experience centre that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows platforms. We also undertake 100% rendering and graphics optimisation for all our mobile games to elevate the customer experience in this arena.

You can withdraw or deposit your hard-earned money in the accounts at the drop of a hat. We have partnered with numerous payment providers like Maestro, E-wallets like Trustly, Neteller and prepaid cards like Paysafecard. Among other options, we also offer payments and withdrawal with Paypal. We believe that this ease of transacting with Swift Casino combined with our stellar reputation in the areas of regulation, security, responsible gambling and data privacy will take us a long way in retaining the title of the best casino with a superlative Online Roulette experience.