Online Baccarat

Baccarat is indeed a classic casino game and it’s the beauty of the game that it continues to be a top favourite among card game lovers across the world. At Swift Casino, we strive to bring you a fantastic platform that can live up to your quest of playing the best Baccarat online.

Our Baccarat lobby features games powered by some of the giant iGaming software providers. Here, you can enjoy the classiest of games characterised by the latest features, impeccable graphics and brilliant sound effects. We ensure that any Baccarat game that you choose to play offers you a fair play as every game undergoes regular auditing at independent labs.

What’s Exclusive on Our Games Catalogue?

At Swift Casino, we provide you with a range of Baccarat games compatible on any of your preferred devices. We know that taking out time for gaming at a land-based casino or from PCs is not always convenient and so, we bring you the opportunity of gambling from any of your mobile devices. All our games in the Baccarat lounge are optimised for smaller screens and can be played on smartphones or tablets. With supportive software from the eminent developers, our site is well-equipped to host seamless gaming across most major Operating Systems. Playing Baccarat on the go is more convenient than you can imagine; thanks to the HTML5 technology that you don’t need to download any game into your device. Just log in from your device browsers to get started anywhere, anytime.

Every casino game on our site is playable with real money and you can wager as much as you want on your choicest game of Online Baccarat. You will find an array of Baccarat variants to select from our exclusive games library. We have handpicked games that can provide you with flexible betting limits to suit your bankroll. To wager on a game, you simply have to register on our site and make a deposit using any of the quick payment methods offered by us. You can choose from E-wallet payments, card payment methods, pay-by-phone or bank transfer to start gambling instantly.

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About Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a game where much of the decision making and the action at the casino table is handled by the dealer. You’ll find the dealer drawing the cards as per the specific rules of the game through your session. As a player, you will have two significant decisions to make during a Baccarat session. The first one is to select a position that you think might win in the following hand and the second is to decide on the amount of the wager.

The Role of the House in Online Baccarat

The house usually banks bets, collects the amount and also makes the payout after every round. You only need to select a position, seat yourself and decide upon an amount to be wagered, rest course of the hand is not under your control.

The Online Baccarat Layout

The game of Baccarat is played with 8 decks of card. These decks are reshuffled after each hand and the dealer deals these from a shoe, similar to that done in Online Blackjack. You’ll find the dealer distributing 4 cards at a time. The first card and the third card are in the player’s hand while the second and the fourth card are dealt with by the banker.

Once both the player and the banker receive the cards, a total point is displayed on the screen. In an occasion where either of the hands has a total of eight or nine, it is considered ‘natural’ and no extra cards are dealt. The person who scores a point closed to nine is declared as the winner and if both hands total to the same amount, it’s a tie. In case there is no winning hand during the initial draw, the dealer may then draw a third card. Only one additional card is dealt face-up/ per hand. First, the player gets it and if required it is dealt out to the banker.

How to Play Online Baccarat?

Players in a game of Baccarat have five options to bet on.

  • On the player hand
  • On the banker’s hand
  • On a tie hand
  • On a player pair
  • On a banker pair

Sometimes, players can also additionally bet on:

  • Player and banker’s hand,
  • Banker and player pair,
  • Tie hand.

At Swift Casino, we have Baccarat games that allow side bets which include options such as player pair and banker pair. The side bet refers to betting if the first 2 cards which are dealt either to the player or to the banker happens to be a pair. If the first two cards do not appear in a pair, the side bet is lost. On games with side bets, the advantage is that players can wager normally on the game and additionally on the side bet feature. This enables greater winning opportunities. Typically, side bets offer a pay ratio of 12:1.

Know Your Online Baccarat Card Values

In any Baccarat game, the card values are ascribed as follows:

  • A is counted as 1
  • 2 is considered as 9 on its face value
  • 10s and other image cards are counted as 0.

You can check out the detailed game rules on our website that provides links to informative blogs on rules and playing tips.

The Settings Menu in Online Baccarat

In Baccarat, players can choose from three probable table limits and these can impact the betting ranges and coin size. Even if you change the game limit, the rules remain unaffected. We also have jackpot games which can be enjoyed by high-rollers though the currency option is usually restricted to one. The game speed on many of our Baccarat versions is adjustable with the turbo mode that enables a faster pace. However, this will only eliminate the card dealing and collection graphics without changing any game rule. Our developers enable possibilities of turning off or adjusting the background music volume.

Live-Dealer Online Baccarat Lounge

If you enjoy the immersive fervour of the land-based casinos, you will be glad to land at our lobby of live casino games. We offer a bunch of live dealer Baccarat games hosted by trained dealers from state-of-the-art casino studios across the globe. HD video streaming, well-equipped studios, flexible betting limits, special features and VIP tables are awaiting your arrival at the Swift Casino baccarat lobby. Click here to register!