Online Blackjack

The traces of this classic card game has been there in the history books for more than a century now. The game was first seen in French houses where the game was played with similar rules but by a different name ‘Vingt-et-un’. The game got this name for the objective it possesses, which is to achieve a total of 21 value points from the cards you have. The same is the reason why the game was also famously known by the name ‘twenty-one’ in the rest of the world after it spread from the French boundaries. It was not until the game’s entry in casino premises when the game became famous with the new name, Blackjack.

Since then the game of ‘21’ has taken giant leaps to become the most popular card game across the globe. Thanks to the online version of the game ‘Online Blackjack’ that allowed the game to cross all geographical boundaries via online casinos. Swift Casino feels privileged to be able to present this classic card game before its beloved players for some truly rightful reasons.

Benefits of playing online Blackjack

The online face of this classic game has more than one reason to undoubtedly be the best table games online. Blackjack online, unlike the brick-and-mortar Blackjack, has no restrictions on creativity and availability. Famous game providers from all over the world understand the importance of keeping the interest of players in the game and therefore, strive hard to create amazing variants of Blackjack, simultaneously maintaining the originality of the game. Some of the most famous online Blackjack games are VIP Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Pontoon.

One of the biggest benefits you get for free when you play Blackjack online is its availability and accessibility. Online casinos are the host of Blackjack games online and since the only requirements to access an online casino are a device, a casino account, and the internet connection, nothing can keep you away from Blackjack gaming. You can access online Blackjack from our exclusive mobile casino while in the metro, bus, on your bed, in the lounge or your garden. You will always find a table to satisfy your Blackjacking desires.

Know the game top to bottom

Although many of you might already be knowing the game rules and procedure of its gameplay, we, at Swift Casino, believe that our players should be well-informed about the game top to bottom.

Blackjack is a game of skill, unlike online Roulette. As mentioned earlier, the objective of the game is to get a total value point of 21. The other option which can make you the winner is by having a total value higher than the total of the dealer’s card. Before the game commences you are asked to place your bet.

Once the bets are played the game begins.

Coming to the gameplay, the gameplay of online Blackjack is similar to that of the real-life Blackjack. The game is solely between you and the dealer, although there may be other players on your virtual table, the game begins with the dealer dealing with you two cards at random from the deck of cards. The total number of decks used for the game varies from casino to casino. The dealt cards are all facing-up while the dealer’s cards are one facing down and the other facing up. Now you can choose from a number of moves:

  • Hit - To ask for another card since you feel that the total card value is not good enough to fight the dealer’s cards, you can Hit as many times as you want until you go bust. The bust is when you cross the maximum valid point 21. After this point of points, you immediately lose your bet and cannot make any further move.
  • Stand: To declare that you are happy with your cards.
  • Double down: When you are confident that your card value will certainly be higher than that of the dealer.
  • Split: To ask for another card since you have got cards with the same value. Going for this move means that you will have to place a bet on your other hand as well.

You win the game if the dealer has a card total less than yours or you are lucky enough to hit a Blackjack (a total of exactly 21 points).

Now that you know all about the game, what are you waiting for? Join Swift Casino and play your favorite Blackjack game online!