Table Games

Long before the establishment of online casinos, the very first land-based casinos were only about the lavishness, the food and drinks, the music that played, the glamour and few games to accompany all of it. Cut to the present day, games are the prominent and entertaining part of the casino. The games that were present then, and are still the major games that attract players to the casino are the “table games”.

Table games are the games that are played on a table without the use of any technical equipment like in the case of slot games. The first few table games that come into my mind when we hear the word table games are — Blackjack and Roulette — but you will be surprised by how many others are there to greet you with authentic entertainment. Here is a brief on all the table games offered by us that fall in the most popular and most entertaining list of table games


Blackjack is a game that requires very few things to be played - a dealer, a player, and some decks of cards. Once you have got all three, the wait is to learn the rules real quick.

The dealer asks you to place your bet before he deals the cards. After you place your bet the cards are dealt and you get to select from a set of moves like Hit, Stand, Split and Double Down to reach the objective of the game with your cards. The objective of the game is to reach as close to a total of 21 points as possible(not above) or have cards higher than that of the dealer.


Known as the most-exciting table game of casinos, Roulette is a rather simple game. The game consists of a croupier, a roulette wheel, roulette steel ball, a roulette table and a pinch of luck. The game, just like any other game, begins after you have placed your bet. However, it is one of the rare games where your role ends before the game begins. You have to place your bet on a number, a set of numbers or a theme of numbers. This is the only choice you make. What follows is the rotations of the roulette wheel and the steel ball running opposite to the direction of the Roulette wheel spin. The number on which the ball lands, decides your fate.


Poker is the newest member of table games, thanks to the updates and variants game developers come up with. There are more than countable versions of poker, among which the most popular ones offered are Tri Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold’em. Although the objective of the game remains the same, to hold the highest rank cards in the end, the folds of the game vary in each one.

Dice games

We all have played games like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders in our childhood. We take the game a level-up. Dice games are mind-boggling and full of suspense. The mood of the game swings in sync with the rolling dice. There are several famous games that fall under this category. The most famous ones are Craps and Roll The Dice.