What will be your first reaction if you happen to win a ‘Jackpot’? Will you not jump with utmost joy and feel like a dream of your life has now been fulfilled? Yes, of course. Jackpot is a dream of all but sadly, is a reality for a few. But don’t worry! If you too are waiting for the perfect opportunity to win a jackpot, here it is. Swift Casino brings you the best platform to play jackpots and online slots to try your luck and make it big from casino winnings. Get ready for the versatile journey ahead!

Hit the right jackpot!

Did you know that are a number of varieties of jackpot games you can choose from? The varieties vary in there payout system and money collection. Some of them are smaller in size but are played between fewer players, giving you more chances of winning. Whereas there are others that have large size winnings but are also played between millions. Let us take a closer look here.

  • Local Jackpots
  • This is the smallest size of jackpots you will find at Swift Casino, as the jackpot is built only by the bets placed by the players at our casino. Such a jackpot gives you a fair chance of winning as whoever wins the game will not be an outsider, rather the player will be a part of our casino. Less competition, the more chances of winning.

  • Network Jackpots
  • Have you ever wondered where these vivid jackpot slots come from? The jackpot games you see at any online casino are developed by a game provider. Lucky for you, the slots you see at Swift casino all come from the most trusted game providers around the globe. These game providers give out games that are contained to them. What we mean by this is that the network jackpots are games whose jackpot comprises of bets made by players across all online casinos that host the particular game by the same game provider. The size of such a jackpot can be imagined only by the fact that in the vastness of the internet, there are innumerable mobile casino featuring these games and even more players playing on them.

  • Fixed Jackpots
  • If the idea of altering jackpot, no matter how big the prize is, is something that scares you, fixed jackpots are just the thing for you. Unlike other jackpots in this list, these jackpots don’t fluctuate. They have a preset prize for any player who plays the jackpot game at any given time or place. All you need to do is to sign-in at our casino, know the jackpot prize and start playing.

  • Progressive Jackpots
  • This is the most exciting jackpot variety of all. Imagine a game which when opened for the first time shows the winning prize at £200, you decide to not play it right now due to some urgency. Later, when you come back to play the game after finishing your work, you see that the jackpot has increased to £290. Well, that is exactly how progressive jackpots work. Every time you enter the game you will find that the jackpot has risen. This is done by contributing a fraction of everyone’s bet in the casino/game/network.

How do we help?

We, at Swift Casino, want our players to be informed about what they can expect on playing their favorite games at our casino be it jackpots, slots or table games. We also pledge to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience at our online casino and hence, guide players through the journey of casino gaming, enlightening the game they are about to explore.