Here’s How to Play 5 Card Draw Poker Online

Back in the day when the game of Poker was gaining popularity, 5 Card Poker was the go-to choice for many Poker fans. This was largely because 5 Card Poker came with easy-to-understand rules and didn’t require players to make many complicated strategic decisions.

While 5 Card Poker may not be as popular as it once used to be, it’s still a great game to try your hands at. So, let’s dive deep into the basics, gameplay rules and working of 5 Draw Card Poker. Stick with us!

What is 5 Card Draw Poker?

Put simply, 5 Card Draw Poker or 5 Card Poker is a simplified variation of the standard Poker game. The game involves the usage of a traditional 52-card deck and sees all players being dealt 5 cards at the start of the gameplay round. 5 Card Poker uses the standard Poker hand rankings, meaning the hand rankings for this variation are the same as Texas Hold’em.

How is 5 Card Draw Poker Played?

When it comes to learning the gameplay rules, 5 Card Poker is one of the easiest Poker variations to get used to. When playing 5 Card Poker with friends and family, all you need is a card deck and some chips and you’re good to go.

Owing to the nature of the card dealing process, having more than six players isn’t always ideal at 5 Card Poker tables, though it’s possible. As with Hold’em Poker, every gameplay round in 5 Card Poker starts with the players posting blinds. As a refresher, blinds are posted by players who are seated on the immediate left of the dealer button.

The ante wagers aren’t always needed, but they are more common as compared to other Poker variations such as Texas Hold’em. Once done with players posting their blinds and the card shuffling process, the card dealing action takes place. The card dealing action starts with the player in the small blind position and continues in a clockwise fashion.

Every player at the table receives one card at a time in a clockwise manner. And this continues until everyone has received five cards in their hand. After the conclusion of the card dealing process, the gameplay round can begin.

5 Card Draw Poker Rules

Many Poker players are accustomed to Poker variations that involve the usage of community cards. However, 5 Card Poker is somewhat different from other popular Poker games available at our online casino.

5 Card Poker is a draw Poker variation. In other words, every player at the 5 Card Poker table receives a complete hand before the initiation of the first wagering round. As such, there aren’t any community cards involved and the gameplay action is also different here.

The first wagering round initiates after all the players have received their five cards. As mentioned earlier, the gameplay action starts with the player who has taken a seat in the small blind position. It’s worth noting that this Poker variation is either played as the fixed limit or the pot limit.

Wagering Rules in 5 Card Draw Poker


The wagering rules for 5 Card Poker are essentially the same as other Video Poker games. As such, 5 Card Poker players can:

Fold – Opting not to participate in the hand.

Call – Placing a wager that’s equal to the big blind amount.

Raise – To raise means to increase the size of your stake. Depending on your chosen 5 Card Poker game, the raise amount can either be fixed or capped at the pot size. In some 5 Card Poker games, players can raise as much as they like.

Once the player in the small blind position has made their playing decision, the gameplay action shifts to the next player on the left. Again, the player can opt to fold, call or raise.

After all the players have taken their turn and made their wagering decision, the gameplay action moves to the draw stage. Again, the gaming action in the draw stage starts with the player who’s seated in the small blind position.

At this point, the player can opt to discard as many cards as they wish and get new cards from the deck in return. The way they do this is by selecting the cards they wish to discard and placing them on the table. The dealer will then take those cards and give them the same number of new cards.

As you’d guess, players can also opt not to exchange their cards. The basic premise behind this wagering round is to help players form better hands.

The Second Wagering Round

The wagering rules for this betting round are exactly the same as Texas Hold’em. The gameplay action during this round starts with the player who’s seated in the small blind position or on the immediate left of the small blind and continues in a clockwise fashion.

The way the second betting round differs from the first wagering round is that the former allows players to check – players here can opt to pass the action to the next round.

The Showdown

Once the gameplay action has reached the showdown stage, all players will turn their cards face up for the dealer to compare. After comparison, the player with the best card combination will walk away with the pot. If there’s more than one player having the same best hand, the pot amount will be split accordingly.


To sum up, 5 Card Poker is an interesting Poker variation to try your hands at. Now that you know everything about 5 Card Poker, it’s time to check the game on our platform. We are a highly renowned online and mobile casino provider and offer an exceptional casino gaming experience to all our players. Have an enjoyable and responsible Poker gaming experience there!