The 7 Most Popular Slot Machine Myths Debunked

Slots are undoubtedly one of the most popular casino titles to try at any land-based casino and online casino platform. But for some reason, there are also several misconceptions associated with slot games.

This article sheds light on some of the most popular slot machine myths. After reading our article, you can make more informed decisions and have a more enjoyable slot gaming experience. Continue reading!

Slot Games Are Rigged

It’s natural for many people to feel sceptical when there’s real money at stake. But slot developers and casino operators work hard to offer a safe, fair and secure slot gaming environment to their players. All legit slot providers include Random Number Generators (RNGs) in their slot offering. The RNG system ensures that the outcome of every slot spin is random and independent of the previous results.

In addition to that, regulators regularly test and audit the RNG systems of online slot providers to make sure they’re offering the RTP rate as claimed. This ensures that all players are getting a fair chance to win when playing online slots.

Contrary to what some players might say, gambling operators don’t have any influence over their slot offerings. Sure, a casino operator may be able to choose from a range of pre-defined RTP rates. But the actual outcome of every spin is determined by the RNG system. In addition to that, top casino providers like us partner with reputable third parties to check that all their games are delivering fair and random outcomes.

Pulling the Lever Is More Likely to Produce a Win than Hitting the Spin Button

This is another popular slot machine myth that prevails among many novice slot players. Pulling the lever may slow down your gaming action a little bit, but it won’t have any effect on your overall winning chances. As some players might guess, it might decrease your overall loss amount per hour. But again, the effect of that is negligible.

Here’s an example that’ll make the concept clearer. Let’s say you’re able to complete 300 spins per hour by hitting the “Spin” button. Now you opt to use the lever and your spin rate gets reduced to 250 spins per hour. Here, you might experience fewer losses when using the lever instead of hitting the spin button or vice versa. But that’s not because your winning odds have changed; it all comes down to how lady luck plays her part. 

Using Slot Club Cards Can Decrease Your Winning Chances

Some slot players believe that gambling operators want their players to win less so they can make up for the perks and other rewards they’ve offered to players using a slot club card. But in reality, this isn’t the case at all.

The other thing is that the slot machine system won’t change the RTP percentage based on whether you’re using a club card. So, thinking that using a slot club card will reduce your winning chances is nothing more than a myth.

If a Slot Machine Hasn’t Paid out a Substantial Win for a While, It Will Pay out Soon

It might be easy for players to get carried away with the thought that a slot machine will soon pay out a significant amount if it hasn’t done that for a long time. But that’s not actually how slot machines work.

Some players might argue that a slot machine will eventually pay out big wins. Of course, they will. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be that lucky player, no matter how much you’ve wagered on the game.

X Number of RTP Means Players Will Get X Percentage of Their Bets Back

Some players think that the RTP percentage is equal to the percentage of wagers they can expect to get back. While this may be true in the long run, it isn’t so clear-cut if you’re enjoying just a few slot sessions. This is because the RTP percentage is calculated using many spins – think of millions of spins. So, in the short term, a few dozen spins might return 50%, or they can award 1000% if lady luck favours you.

In other words, the RTP percentage doesn’t apply in the short term. As such, you might lose many of your spinning rounds or may win a significant amount. It all depends on how lucky you get during that specific gaming session. 

The Location of the Slot Machine Matters

On the internet, you’ll find several articles, guides and e-books detailing how to win at slot games. A common notion that’s shared by the authors of these resources is that you can find the loosest slot machines in the corridors of the venue.

They back up this idea by claiming that such placement of slot machines attracts more players. While this might have been true at certain gambling venues of the past, it isn’t quite true today.

Using a Bonus Reward Affects Your Winning Chances

Bonus rewards are a great way to enjoy some extra gameplay time when playing your favourite slot game. Some players think that using a bonus reward affects the game you’re playing. But let us tell you that this isn’t the case at all.

In fact, there’s an example of a player activating the Mega Moolah jackpot by lining up the required slot machine symbols using bonus free spins. As such, you can rest assured that bonus rewards are just as helpful as traditional deposits when playing slot games.

Summing Up

As explained in our article, there are several misconceptions prevailing among slot players. And most of these myths revolve around slots being programmed in ways that’ll benefit the house. 

Thankfully, the online casino sector is heavily regulated. So, when playing with the top online casinos like ours, you can rest assured that the outcome of your chosen slot game will be entirely fair and random. If you’re someone who’s confused about selecting an online slot game, we suggest you go through our list of the best slots to play at Swift Casino. Happy gaming there!