10 Facts you should know about the Roulette wheel

People from all walks of life love to play offline and online games. Especially during the time of the pandemic, there has been an increase in the online audience. There are many people who go for interesting gambling games during these times. And one such online and offline gambling game is the Roulette wheel. The game of Roulette was introduced during the 17th to 18th century in France. The Roulette wheel is distributed in such a way that the numbers are separated with red, black, odd and even and high and low numbers in a mathematically balanced way. And the black number is positioned next to the red number.

Facts you should know about the Roulette wheel

Casino games like Online Roulette have become more popular. There are seasoned players to beginners who are also game enthusiasts and are willing to put their money and time at stake. These are some of the facts that everyone should know about Roulette wheel:

  • There are three different types of wheels in Roulette. The game of Roulette has three different versions namely American, European and French. Of these, the American version has two slots featuring 0 and 00 numbers. In all these versions the numbers are distributed in terms of colour, odd-even and high/low.
  • The American version of Roulette has wheels ranging from 0 to 36. Of these the 18 pockets are red and the rest 18 pockets are black and then there are 00 numbers in green. The slots are placed on the opposite sides of the wheel in a counterclockwise sequence. The numbers are given in the following way: 0,2,14,35,23,4,16,33,6,18,31,19,8,12,29,25,10,27,00,1,13,36,34,3,15,34,22,5,17,32,20,7,11,30,26,9,28.
  • In both French and European versions, the Roulette wheel only has a single pocket which makes it easy for making the choices. The house edge is decreased, and this helps players to gain wins more than loses. The division of the slot is like that of the American version.
  • 10 Facts you should know about the Roulette wheel
  • There are a few bets that are part of the European Roulette. It is placed by the dealer after the player instructs him for the same. These bets are; Zero play where the numbers 12,35,26,0,32,15 is used by the player, Voisins de zero where the numbers covered are 22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,0,32,15,19,4,21,2,25, orphelins and tiers are the other two bets.
  • The game of live Roulette must have a layout through which the player can get a good mental picture. This helps the players to memorize the order of the numbers. Many seasoned players are able to memorize the sequence either way.
  • The colours of the wheel could alternate. The two different colours are what helps to distinguish between the consecutive numbers. And the distribution of the colour should be in a balanced way. This makes the players want to play the game even more and make the numbers easier to pick.
  • In the game, the low and high numbers have to alternate. In the European or French Roulette, the wheel for the low and high numbers alternate only at one point which is 5 next to 10. But in American wheels, you can see the adjacent low and high numbers. Thus, even though the American wheel is more common, it is not balanced. 
  • The odd and even numbers should be distributed evenly in the game. No two even or odd numbers should be adjacent to each other. This will make the players keep their bets easily and win the game.
  • Another most important fact is the proportion of the Roulette balls. Most casinos have larger wheels and the balls are set accordingly. The actual measure of the ball is 18mm and 21 mm. and the size of the ball is chosen based on the outcome the player wants. The player alternates between 18 mm and 21mm balls. Often the casino balls are made up of ivory but Teflon is the most suitable material for the same.
  • It is the ball of the Roulette that makes the difference in the game. The player when decides a number and plays with the ball accordingly, the move he/she makes will be perfect. And if the ball is made of ceramic then there is more chance of a smooth revolution on the wheel track and when it falls on the number unpredictably then you get a big win. 

Hence, these are the 10 facts you should know about the Roulette wheel. By knowing these facts you can actually play the games wisely and stand a chance to win the game. However, make sure you play the game at Swift Casino at least once in your life as it will be a memorable moment of your life.