An all-inclusive overview of live casino gaming

Poor broadcasting quality and mediocre casino setups triggered the need for live casino gaming. Fast forward to today and it is on a different level altogether for players. The viewing performance is much higher, and most gaming operations by live dealers provide an elegant environment. Another thing about live casino gaming is that you have more opportunities than ever before. This means you can play live dealer games and many of the online casino games anywhere, anytime.

Just like mobile casinos, despite the growing popularity of live casinos, many players still have to try out this mode of gaming. As such they have several questions about the workings of live casino gaming. We have this article compiled for such players who want to know about it in more detail.

Definition of Live Dealer Casinos

A live dealer casino, or simply a live casino, is a casino that streams land-based gaming action over the internet. Live dealer gaming makes use of a mix of digital streaming technology, human dealers, actual tables, and refined casino settings to offer a land-based casino-like experience. The obvious advantage of live casino gaming is that they put you closer to the experience of a brick and mortar casino. What’s more, by talking with the dealers you will witness human contact.

Live Dealer Games Have Human Dealers and Croupiers

This is one of the biggest differences between the live dealer and RNG casinos. Live dealer games have actual people dealing with the cards and managing the game. This gives the game a similar feel to playing in a land-based casino.

Visibility of Players

At a live casino table, only the dealer is seen. All the players hide behind their names on the scoreboard. And the dealer then sees player names and their questions/comments.

Fairness of Live Dealer Casinos

Many people are wary of the fairness of live dealer casinos since they are thousands of miles apart. But in live dealer games, the odds of you getting robbed are near to zero. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be scared while playing in live casinos:

  • Live dealer gaming operations possess gaming licences and if they are caught cheating they will be in serious trouble.
  • Third-party gaming testers perform research to ensure that fair games are run by the casinos.
  • The dealers can be seen shuffling and treating genuine cards.
  • The dealer burns top cards on the deck to discourage fraud (and impede card counters too).
  • Casinos usually licence live dealer gaming from an external supplier, which has no reason to cheat for the casino.
An all-inclusive overview of live casino gaming

How To Get Started with Live Casino Gaming Platforms?

The first thing you need to do is to find an online casino that provides live dealer gaming. This isn’t complicated since a vast number of online casinos today offer this facility. The next step is the creation of an account at the casino you choose. It shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to fill up an account. Some internet casinos allow you a free trial of their live dealer games. But the vast majority need you to make a deposit, using one of their available methods of banking. Once you’ve deposited into your account, you can hop onto the live dealer tables and start playing.

What Is The Best Live Casino Gaming Platform?

The response to this question is contextual, and the opinion of everyone can differ according to a range of variables. Are you hunting for the biggest game range on the live dealer casino? Would you want the best bonuses? Need a casino which offers many different providers of live gaming? For example, many players visit the Swift Casino live dealer section to have a fun and exciting experience of playing some of the most sought after casino games.

Chatting with the Dealers

Dealers are the primary reason people visit the live casino gaming section. In one corner of the screen, you’ll see a chat box that shows questions and comments aimed at the dealer. You’ll also see a bottom-up chat feature that lets you give them a message. You have to type in your question or message in the browser only. The dealer has the option to verbally respond to whatever you type in. Please note that either because they are distracted or simply don’t see your post, the dealer won’t always answer. Even it is prudent to read the chat rules of a live casino so you don’t break them.

Advantages of Live Casinos Over Regular Online Casinos

  • One of the advantages of live casinos is dealer engagement.
  • The choice to socialise is one of the appeals of live casino gaming. Much as in a land-based casino, you can talk with the dealer or your tablemates. Although what is enjoyable about live casino games is it is not compulsory to talk with others. If someone tries to talk but you don’t want it, or if you are being berated by someone, simply ignore them or turn off your conversation.
  • Land-based casinos have so much space to work with. This means they have to sell the most popular games. They have no place for anything else. This is not a concern for live casino gaming. Some have rooms or whole studios devoted to playing live sports. This allows them to sell even lesser-known games.
  • Live casinos are all about entertainment. And some dealers do a fine job of making conversation and jokes to liven it up.
  • You can also pick tables which feature two dealers. The multi-dealer tables create a party-like atmosphere, which makes live dealer gaming more exciting.
  • In certain ways, live dealer games and land-based games are identical. But one aspect in which they’re entirely different is that you can play live dealer games anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Cons of Live Casino Gaming 

  • Although live dealer casinos provide you with customisable interface options, the dealer always controls the action.
  • Live casinos enforce betting time limits and hand actions. This serves two aims:

               1 – Helps the game get quicker so casinos can make a better profit.

               2 – Keeps the game going at a fast rate with players needing more action.

  • At most live gaming sites, you could bet as little as $5. But this is more than the minimum stakes, ranging from $1 to $3 at regular casino games.

How to Choose Quality Live Casino Gaming?

The same supplier of live casino gaming will service scores of online casinos or even hundreds. This ensures that if you want a certain live casino service, there are a vast variety of gaming places where you can play their games. But, before determining what you want, it’s important to look at a few different parameters.

Game Selection

Most live dealer casinos offer live blackjack, live baccarat and live roulette. This won’t give you a lot of games to pick from. But running the most famous games helps live casino gaming to keep the tables packed. However, if you value the variety of games, you can find sites which offer a wider range. Some of the other live dealer games include Caribbean Poker, Casino Hold’em and three-card poker. What you need to do is to find the suppliers that have what you want.

Good Dealers

Dealers can be funny, sarcastic and informative. And sitting at a table with a great dealer makes the game certainly more fun. The only way to do so is to find a dealer who genuinely enjoys their work and it shows.

Supporting languages

Many live casino gaming platforms use English as their main language. But if you have another primary language, then you’ll have to look for the appropriate live casino dealer.

Free Bet Offers

One famous casino incentive of live casino gaming is a free bet offer. Many times even only filling up an account at a casino can get this free bet. These wagers, of course, bear additional requirements before you can cash them out. But every time you spot one, it is always worth taking advantage of.

Availability of Free Trial

Many online casino games have free play options. And later, you can opt to make a deposit and play for real money. But most of them sell only real cash games. The explanation is they can’t afford to pay dealers and have elaborate arrangements. You can still find some live casinos which offer free trials, though. And this is vital if you want to try out the excitement of live dealer gaming before you bet real money.


Live casino gaming gives the online casino world an opportunity unlike anything else. But to ensure you have the right experience for yourself, you need to take into account several considerations. Free bets, friendly dealers and a broader range of games make live gaming much more enjoyable. In any case, live casinos are a perfect way to travel into the realm of land-based casinos without actually travelling.