Casino Entertainment: What More Do Casinos Offer Apart From Games?

When it comes to casinos, people just think about the casino tables, chips and intense matches at the poker table. But that’s not all. Many modern casinos these days offer various kinds of entertainment to attract players. Casino entertainment has evolved over the years as casinos have become more than just gaming centres. The operators have realised that to stand out from the rest, they have to offer different things that would catch people’s attention. An example can be inviting a popular celebrity singer to host a concert. Even though this is just one part of the entertainment, let’s delve into their types deeply

Stand Up Comedy Event


Stand up comedy has gained a lot of fame and popularity among the players. And why not? Everyone deserves a good laugh. So imagine you are playing a game at a casino and there is a stand-up comedy event lined up. It is the perfect way to unwind yourself. Many big casinos have invited people like Louis Anderson and George Lopez that have sold out venues.

Musical Concerts

Casinos, especially the famous ones, are known for hosting concerts. This is a great way to build the brand image of a casino and gain the credibility of players. Because people will be wanting to visit places that have had famous people perform at the concerts. Usually, these are music concerts. So naturally, people will gravitate towards watching big stars perform. Only expensive casinos can pull off these things though and concerts at such places tend to be pricey.


Live Music Bands


Another trend that is quickly catching up at the casinos is live music bands. Now unlike concerts that generate mass appeal, live music sessions, on the other hand, attract the niche crowd. Most of these live music nights revolve around specific genres like jazz/indie/rock, so of course, people of a certain taste and interest will be attracted to it. So along with the game, the live music in the background passes on the ultimate vibe check.

Dancers and Performers

Now dancers add to the magic and spice of the game. Imagine beautiful dancers on the floor, gyrating and giving with some crazy moves. There can be chances of distraction. But who doesn’t want that amidst the tension and nerve-cracking intensity of the game? The showbiz is definitely something worth checking out.


Master chef shows


This may sound surprising but trust us when we say that food is another one of the main highlights that attract people towards the premises. So calling a celebrity chef is not a bad idea. And in fact, many casinos do so. They host master chef and grand cooking sessions to invite celebrity chefs so that he/she can cook the most expensive and tastiest dishes. This just adds a new flavour to the entire atmosphere. Now, let’s look at the top three casinos that have set the casino entertainment bar high.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio, whose name rebounds across the entire Las Vegas strip, is famous for filming locations of movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Hangover. A 37 storey marvel, it perhaps has the biggest complex that amounts to 10,500,00 square feet. Given such a huge size, it really tops the list when it comes to entertaining the audience. It has an 8-acre lake surrounded by the huge fountains of Bellagio. Every year, the fountain show draws in thousands of visitors to witness this spectacle. Another lesser-known fact about the casino is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, which hosts all kinds of art and artists of different periods. So there is no chance of you getting bored. And don’t forget the range of slot machines they have. It’s enough to let you get busy with the game. 

The Wynn Palace, Macau

Macau is the second-best gambling destination across the world. It is home to Wynn Palace, one of the luxurious and expensive casinos. Since its inception in 2016, it has become a resounding success in the Cotai Strip. With 1706 rooms in total, it caters to all kinds of services one can dream of. 

The Wynn Palace, Las Vegas

It has a branch in Las Vegas too. What makes Wynn Palace special is the level of casino environment they specialise in. It hosts an 8-acre performance lake show which is presented through an exquisite display of water, music and light. The SkyCab is another of its unique features which is basically a cable car that transports people to the resort. The resort had a total of 11 best restaurants and the largest spa combined with a salon, pool and a 420,000 area of casinos. All of these features have earned Wynn Palace Forbes Travel Guide Give Star Awards. One of the first casinos to achieve this feat. So, there is not much to argue on as to why you should not visit Wynn Palace.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

The Monte Carlo Casino is rich in its decor and architecture. And why not? It has been designed by Charles Garnier who is known for designing for the Opera House in Paris. When you visit the casino, you will be welcomed with flashing neon lights and a party atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else. This place is ideally for those who seek culture and expect more than just a bunch of games and casino tables. The Carlo Casino successfully breaks the casino environment. For those who are not interested in the glitzy environment of Las Vegas casinos and are looking for a change, just book your place at the Monte Carlo Casino.