Everything You Need to Know About EZ Baccarat

Casino games have taken over as the next big thing worldwide through online casinos. There are multitudes of variants in casino games from Megaways slots to blackjack, baccarat and roulette. There are also live variants of many such games that provide more excitement. Baccarat needs no introduction as it is among the most popular online casino games found in almost any casino. It is one of the most prevalent online casino games that can be traced back to the very first casino in the world

Baccarat, like many tash games, offers a wide range of varieties that can be basically found in every online casino. Whether it is Las Vegas or Macau or even any of the online casinos that we find on the internet, the essential principles remain identical to each other in baccarat games. Among the foremost prominent versions is EZ Baccarat. It may appear to be simply ordinary baccarat play. Nevertheless, among every one of the varieties, EZ Baccarat is indeed one of the most exciting and intriguing games to play repeatedly. 

EZ Baccarat can be classified as the most popular version of the conventional baccarat game, and it also includes one particular difference from most of the other variants. The 5% fee imposed to participants whenever they earn a Bank Hand bet is not present in the EZ Baccarat variant. The action is conducted in land-based facilities on a tabletop equivalent of a poker match with a maximum of six or seven participants and a gaming distributor presenting their decks. 

EZ Baccarat is also available at internet gambling facilities. Just two rounds are played, irrespective of the total count of participants. There are basically two variants in the EZ Baccarat game, which is highly popular in the online version of the game. The first is regarded as the Bank Hand and the second as the Player Hand. Every participant in the game could bet upon what pair will fall nearest to a sum of 9 just before the cards are distributed. 

These are the different kinds of bets available at the EZ Baccarat game. These are the three particular gambling terms associated with this game.

  • The Bank Hand
  • The Player Hand
  • The Tie 

EZ Baccarat Gameplay

EZ Baccarat, as the term suggests, is a simple game to learn. It is essentially a card game in which two hands are present, namely the Player and the Banker. Each hand will be given two cards, to begin with by the dealer and could also well be handed an additional hand, according to the original card values. You will be able to wager on whichever card would eventually wind up with the nearest points worth nine (9). Then total the scores for each hand but simply take the very last number. Thus a 19 equals a 9. 

Card Values

Each deck carries a quantitative tally; therefore, suits are unimportant. The worth of the 2s through 9s is equivalent to the respective base worth. The worth of tens and image decks, which is the Jack, Queen, and King is zero. Aces are worth one. The greatest possible score for any card is 9. If indeed the quantitative sum of a deck in hands surpasses 9, one could get an altered sum by doing any of these foregoing:

  • Remove the initial number from the amount.
  • Subtraction of 10 from the sum

 Ways To Bet

There are several easy ways in which people can bet using the EZ Baccarat game. Users could bet on both the Player’s or Banker’s hands, obtaining the greatest sum, or even upon a draw. A Player or Banker bet wins off at equal cash. The draw bet pays out 9:1. EZ Baccarat is played in the same way as conventional Baccarat, except it removes the 5% fee on successful Banker hands bets by declaring the game a force whenever the Banker round triumphs using a three-card seven.

House Edge

House Edge for Bank Hand: 1.02% 

House Edge for Player Hand: 1.24%

House Edge for Tie: 14.36%

Bonus Bets

  • Dragon 7 – This stake is earned if a banker hands triumphs with a three-card seven. The odds are 40:1.
  • Panda 8 – This wager is earned if a player’s hand having a 3 card 8 prevails. The odds are 25:1.
  • Tie – This wager is accepted whenever the banker’s and player’s cards are tied. The odds are 9:1.


  • The payoffs are different for every hand. The Player Hand will be paid with even money over every bet winnings. 
  • The Bank Hand is also paid with even money having only one exception that if the Bank Hand ends with a three-card win of a total 7, it will be a push. 
  • The Tie will have winning bets paid at 8 to 1. In some cases, the bets are also paid at 9 for 1.

A 5% fee is levied across every wager placed upon that Bank Hand in the conventional gameplay of baccarat. Some gamers are perplexed by the 5% fee so, as a result, are unwilling to give a portion of their winnings to the site. Its popularity as a gaming room is due to the fact that EZ Baccarat does away with such fees while maintaining the third-card drafting regulations.

Third Card Rules

Across both EZ and conventional baccarat, one or each hand may receive a third hand. Keep in mind that the utmost amount of games in every hand is three. In accordance with conventional house regulations, only the distributor, never just the participants, chooses whether either or perhaps two cards necessitate a third-card pull. Although it is not absolutely required to know the third-card regulations, people will appreciate the experience better when they do.

Advantages of Playing EZ Baccarat

  • The 5% charge for Bank Hand winnings has been removed.
  • The House Advantage is marginally smaller than Bank Hand when compared to a typical baccarat tournament.
  • The initial stake is frequently smaller than in regular baccarat.
  • It is possible to obtain a minor edge on wagering by adopting card tracking.

Disadvantages of Playing EZ Baccarat

  • The action moves very quickly with conventional baccarat.
  • It exposes the majority of a person’s money towards the house edge.
  • EZ baccarat does not provide usual gambling systems used in the normal variants.