Your In-hand Guide For Slot Bonus And Why They Should Be Claimed?

Slots are one of the few online casino games which enjoyed immense popularity among young players. Previously people had to visit a casino and play at slot machines. But not anymore. 

Slots are easy to understand and play with. You do not require prior knowledge or experience to master slot games. There is a huge variety of slot games available at online and mobile casinos which are based on different themes and genres. You can find a Marvel-based or a Disney -based slot game at many casinos. Different online slot games have different slot symbols.

Most of the mobile/online slot games offer exciting and lucrative cash prizes, promotions or incentives. Some of the bonuses are slot-related. The player should familiarise himself with five kinds of slot bonus. They have been mentioned in this article but first, it is important to understand what slot bonus entails and why they are useful to a casino player. If you are fascinated with slot games but do not know where to start, you can log on to the Swift Casino to take advantage of its unique collection of slot games.

New Slot Bonus

The slot games enjoy a massive fan following among the beginners and amateur players. As a result of which, most of the online casinos offer slot bonuses in the form of free spins and no deposit bonus. The free spins are for those who want to have a complete grasp over the game. The no deposit bonus is the money the player gets for playing a brand new slot game. 

The free spins are available between the ranges of 10 to 50 and constitute specific betting terms and requirements. They influence the betting amounts which start from $0.10 and can go up to $1. However, the wagers are based on the requirements of the online casino and software developer. Most of the free spins are powered by the famous gaming software giants like NetEnt and IGT. They usually offer this feature with their new releases.

The players can play online slots without fearing the loss of money. They are entitled towards no deposit bonuses that are usually offered to players for attempting to play a slot game for the first time. Normally, they receive £10 from the no deposit bonuses. However, this value ranges from one casino to another casino. 

The new slot bonuses expect the players to adhere to their required betting requirements. Most of them tend to bet 35 to 50 times the original stake amount. To avail of these bonuses, all the player has to do is register with an online casino and follow it’s terms and conditions. He must remember to utilise them within the expiry date set by the online casinos which can vary from 24 hours to 7 days.

Bonus Codes

There are times the player registers himself with an online casino to avail of the new slot bonuses and needs to fill in a bonus code. Such bonuses occur in three different forms: free spins, no deposit bonus and deposit match bonus. The US is the only country that has witnessed the success of bonus codes. Their online casinos come up with creative and innovative ways of promoting bonus codes. Usually, they offer no deposit bonuses to players who apply the codes to play a new game. Some of them provide up to $25 in the form of cash or a 100% deposit match over the first 50 spins. But such features vary from casino to casino. The player usually bets 1 to 35 times the original stake to take advantage of the slot bonus.

Daily/Weekly/Weekend slot bonus

Many online slot games offer timely bonuses. It means they are rolled out during specific periods. They are available for beginners and professional players. They can be offered regularly, weekly or during weekends. The deadlines are set by the online casinos. Some of these bonuses normally provide a 30% deposit match on progressive slot games. The range can go as high as 100%. If the player gets hold of slot promotions, they get to utilise the loyalty benefits and become a part of the exclusive VIP club, which spoils its members with free luxuries and incentives. Since these bonuses have strict deadlines between seven to ninety days, they have to be utilised very quickly. Most of them expect the player to bet at least 30 times the original amount. The players can register with any online casino, pay certain deposit money and use bonus codes.

Seasonal & Holiday slot bonus

Holiday seasons will let the players avail of specific and exclusive bonuses on holiday-themed slot games. They originate in the form of free spins or 100% match deposits based on the rules set by the casino and the holiday-oriented slot game. A good promotional strategy can attract players to their sites during peak holidays and festive seasons. Halloween does witness exciting offers and bonuses on Halloween-themed games. The same goes for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, etc. Since these bonuses are seasonal by nature, they comply with strict deadlines. The player should claim them as fast as he can so that they do not lose out on the offer. To claim such bonuses, he has to register with an online casino, pay up the wagering requirements and claim the holiday-themed bonuses. The betting amounts are 10 to 15 times the initial bet.

Mobile Slot Bonus

Since mobile gaming is witnessing a spike in the growth and popularity of users, many gambling operators have started integrating unique mobile bonuses in their slot game collection. They are designed exclusively for mobile users only. The mobile bonuses are offered as free spins. New players usually take advantage of free spins. They are optimised according to the gaming software and configuration and customised for particular games. To pass the eligibility criteria of mobile bonuses, the players have to register with a mobile casino and make deposit payments. The free spins will get credited to their gaming accounts.