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Having originated in India, Teen Patti has become famous all around the country. From experienced gamblers to amateurs, everyone wants to get a slice of this exciting game and explore all that it has to produce. While that excitement is sure to hit the roof, it won’t do any good unless and until you start learning how to play this game.

The desi feeling and the top features that it produces can only be explored once you start learning how to play Teen Patti and that is what we are here to offer. By reading the following, you will learn what you need to know about Teen Patti and can go about teaching it to your friends and family. 

In doing so, the process becomes exciting because you can play it with the people you love. So go ahead and learn all about Teen Patti because it is the game that everyone is talking about.

The Basics Of Teen Patti

Let’s start with the basics. Teen Patti is a game that refers to ‘three cards’ in English. As a card game that originated in India, it has become popular all around South Asia and hence, you can understand the demand to learn it. 

In terms of its gameplay, Teen Patti is said to have a lot in common with Three-card Poker. So if you have played that game before, learning Teen Patti should more or less be a formality. It requires 3 to 6 players to get started, so call out all your friends or simply head to our online casino

It uses a 52-card pack that excludes the joker and since it is a gambling game, the first thing that you will be asked to do is place a bet. When it comes to the size of the bet, it can be pre-decided by the players after everyone comes up with a mutual understanding. 

Once the bets are collected, the game will proceed to the next stage where the dealer will start distributing cards and that concludes the basics of a popular game like Teen Patti.

The Teen Patti Rules

The rules of this game are quite simple just like Andar Bahar or Roulette and won’t take a lot of your time. So let’s get to it. 

The only cards in each round are the three cards that you have and the three that belong to the dealer. If the dealer wishes to move forward or qualify, they will have to have a queen or something higher.

On the other hand, if you wish to be a part of the game, you will have to place the initial bet, called the ante, which like mentioned before, is a fixed amount taken from every player. And once that process is done, you can move on with the game. 

So move on to the next topic which tells you how a round of Teen Patti gaming goes. 

Playing Teen Patti 

As soon as the bets are collected, which will be a fixed amount, the dealer will provide every player with three cards with their face down. The player who is seated on the left-hand side of the dealer will be the first to play and they can either choose to play blind or seen. 

  • Playing blind

Opting to play blind means that you are choosing to play without seeing the cards or without understanding their value. It is a common move but a risky one that players prefer to take. So if you choose to play blind, you can fold, raise to double the bet or even call the ante, which is the initial pot amount collected from all players. 

  • Playing seen

Playing seen is just the opposite of playing blind meaning that you can see your cards and thus can understand the value that you hold in your hand. By opting for this move, you can fold, go double on the ante or even raise to quadruple. The choice is yours to make and it is an important one. 

Regardless of whether you choose to play blind or seen, the bet that you make will be known as the stake. The stake set by the first player will be known as the current stake and every player who comes next will have to follow the same rule.

So the amount that the second player can bet solely depends upon what the former player has placed and also if the current player is playing blind or seen. In case the former player opted to play seen, the stake will be half as what the stake is known to be from the former player who opted to play blind.

  • Requesting a slide-show 

You can request a slide show whenever a seen player is going to play after another seen player has just finished their turn and there are around three players left in the game. So as the player who is going to go up next, you can request a slideshow and the player who has been asked to show their cards can either deny the action or accept it.

If the player accepts it, you can view their card and they can view yours. It is a lovely little moment in Teen Patti because the cards will be viewed secretly and may or may not benefit either of the players. 

Towards the end of the game, it all comes down to hand rankings and if you are the player with the worst hand rankings, you will be eliminated from the game. Due to that, it is important that you be aware of the different hand rankings that are followed in the classic game of Teen Patti. 

Hand Rankings in Teen Patti  

Being aware of hand rankings is one of the most important things about learning Teen Patti. Without the knowledge of hand rankings, you will either be confused or won’t be aware of the power that you hold within the palm of your hand. 

While people don’t memorise it instantly, they do understand it within a matter of time. So go ahead and read the following because we feel that you are already getting to understand the importance of hand rankings in Teen Patti.

1.The best hand

Three similar cards, regardless of their colour or suit, are what is called the best hand in Teen Patti. As the name suggests, getting hold of this ranking is surely a good way to go about playing the game and a few examples of the same are 9-9-9 of heart, spade and diamond or even A-A-A.

2.Straight flush

You might have heard about the term straight flush and if you haven’t, here’s what you need to know. A straight flush refers to three consecutive cards of the same suit and the best one from the lot is A-2-3. It is another high ranking that everyone looks to get in the palm of their hands

3.The third best hand

The third one from the lot looks at three consecutive cards of different suits. So it can be a mix of A-2-3 of a space, heart or diamond and still be called the third best hand.

5.Flush or fourth-best hand

A flush refers to three cards of the same suit and colour with the main difference being that they are not in a sequence. So 9-4-3 of hearts is a flush because there are no sequences that you need to be aware of.

6.The pair

If you have two cards of the same rank, then congratulations because you have a pair. It is also called the fifth-best hand and the cards are considered to be a pair regardless of their suit or colour.

7.The high card

It is quite unfortunate to receive the high card, especially when it is also known as the worst hand. High cards are not in a sequence and are also not of the same value or suit.

The Main Bets of Teen Patti

Now that you have read all about the hand rankings in Teen Patti, it is time to check out the main bets of this game. And on that front, there are a couple that will come in handy at times and a few others that need to be ignored, based on the situation that you find yourself in.
While there are a few main bets, the game also emphasises on side bets, which is why you should be aware of them all. By practising the game and looking to play it for a few rounds, you can proceed ahead to get a hang of it and learn the game for what it is.

  • Ante Bet 

As we mentioned, an Ante bet is the type of bet that you will have to place in order to enter the game. It is the first joint bet that you, along with the rest of the players will have to make. It involves placing a bet by selecting a chip value from the ones available and clicking the bet option. 

Since online Teen Patti involves a timer, you need to ensure that you place these bets before the time runs out. To get started, you can merely click the bet option and everything will go according to plan. 

  • The Flush Bet

Moving on from the Anet bet, the next in line is the flush bet, which involves all three cards of the same suit. It is a special type of bet that everyone looks forward to achieving. 

So if luck turns out to be in favour of everyone and there are two players with Flushes, then the player with the highest card seals victory. And in case they end up being a match, the next highest card is compared and then the third card, if the comparison leads to such an extent.

But in the rare situation where two players have the exact same card values, the hands will be ranked in order to decide the winner. This process will be followed by looking at the spades first and then the clubs. 

  • Straight Flush 

There’s nothing much to explain about a Straight Flush because it refers to three consecutive cards of the same suit. So keep your fingers crossed and look forward to receiving this card. 

  • Straight 

Just like the Straight Flush, the Straight bet is another special one that refers to three consecutive cards but they need not be of the same unit. It is also referred to as a ‘sequence’ or a ‘round’. 

  • Mini Royal 

A Mini Royal refers to a special bet where you have the Queen-King and Ace of the same unit. While it is rare, receiving it will certainly change the game around and take things in a whole new direction. 

So play your cards well and look forward to exploring Mini Royal in the right manner. 

  • Pair 

As mentioned earlier, the pair bet is merely two cards of the same rank and is considered one of the main betting options in the game. People often look to receive this type of bet as it provides them with some form of confidence to proceed further and take everything. 

However, you must understand that the pair bet is not a guarantee and that there is a long way to go forward based on the current situation of the game. And in case the pairs are of the same value, the value of the third card will be the decider, meaning that the third card and its value will decide the winner of this bet. 

  • Three of a Kind 

When it comes to Three of a Kind, you must realise that it is talking about three of the same card and that it is another main betting option that people are after. It also brings in the highest and lowest as it is all decided based on the value of the cards that you receive.

For example, in Three of a Kind, the cards with the highest values are three Aces whereas cards with the lowest value are three twos. So based on this, you need to go about playing the game if getting hold of this bet is what you need to be doing. 

  • Play

Once you have placed the Ante bet, the game begins in its normal format and this brings about regular betting. That is essentially known as play as the game is just beginning. As you proceed, you may or may not get to play the betting options mentioned above because it all depends on how you manage to play the game. 

That puts an end to all main betting options but that does not put an end to our guide because you also have side betting options to consider. So go ahead and explore side betting options.

Side Betting Options in Teen Patti

  • Full House 

Coming across a full house is certainly a good move and one worth exploring. But what is a Full House? Well, it refers to a part of the 3+3 side bet where a hand contains three cards of the same rank and two more of another rank. It is a popular side bet that everyone wants to get hold of. 

While there are no strategies to achieve it, you can bring in moves of your own if you wish to make the most of it. 

  • Royal Flush 

Royal Flush is a common betting option that you get to see in different betting games. While there are obvious differences, Teen Patti does not change things to a whole new extent. It is another 3+3 side bet involving a King, Queen, Jack, ten of the same suit and also Ace. 

It is a power-packed combination and aching a Royal Flush is more or less reserved for the experts of this beautiful game.

  • Four of a Kind

The last side bet that we want to talk about is Four of a Kind. It also follows the 3+3 system and brings in the method for four of the 6 cards between you and the dealer. While it does sound a little complicated, it is far from being so and anyone who has merely explored Teen Patti will get an idea or two about it. 

Famous Teen Patti Variations 

Famous games are bound to have variations as demand rises and hits the roof. So what you are going to read are some of the famous variations of Teen Patti that need to be explored and understood to the fullest. Hence, go ahead and start exploring games that may seem different but are driven by the same principle. 

  • 999

This particular variation of Teen Patti is quite straightforward as it begins with the objective of getting as close as possible to 9-9-9. So the player who gets close to 9-9-9 wins the game and in the quest to achieve that, you don’t have to worry about the card suit because it is irrelevant. 

Moreover, each face of the card translates into a specific number, which makes it important for you to be aware of them. While numbered cards, regardless of the suit, have the same value as their numbers, the rest are different and that is what you need to be looking into. 

  1. K, Q, J and 10 (of all suits) = 0
  2. A (of all suits) – 1 
  • Discard One

As the name suggests, this variation is all about discarding the fourth card as the dealer begins the game by handing over four cards. You will then have to choose the best 3 cards from the hand and move on to discard the fourth card that you believe is of no use. Since the cards are seen by all, you cannot play blind in this variation.

  • Mufliss 

Mufliss is one of the easiest variations of Teen Patti as its rules are similar to the original. However, there is a small difference and that refers to the fact that the rankings of the hand are reversed. So the high card, which was described as the worst hand, will be the best hand in this game and the best hand will be the worst. 

While it will be a little confusing, you will get the hang of it sooner rather than later. 

  • Pack Jack 

Joker cards are not out of all games relating to Teen Patti because Pack Jack brings them back into the table. In this game, the dealer will provide three cards to every player and three joker cards are placed on the table. 

So whenever a player decides to fold in this game, their cards will be the new joker cards and then the joker cards will be placed on the table as it replaces the previous cards. So the cycle continues as these cards will be replaced again and again. 

  • Sudden Death 

Unlike other variations, this one, in particular, begins by distributing 13 cards to all players. And once every player receives these cards, they will have to hold the pack of cards between their ring finger and thumb and then begin to drop them. 

The process needs to continue until a player shouts ‘stop’. Once someone has stopped the process, all you have to do is look at the remaining cards in your hand, compare them and pick the one with the highest value.

If you have the card with the highest value, you will be declared the winner. 

  • King Little 

Another easy-to-understand variation that you need to try. King Little classifies all Kings and the smallest card is dealt to players as jokers. So your joker cards can have any value and you can use them in whichever way possible. 

However, it is important that you stick to the rules of the game and follow the same with ease. By doing so, you will be a part of the playing experience and can learn it all in a manner like no other. 

  • Plus Sign 

This is another special variation of Teen Patti that begins when players are dealt with 3 cards and a plus sign is being made on the table with the help of 5 cards. The 5 cards that are being used are joker cards and thus have no value. But that does not mean that you have to ignore them. 

Players will have to make things work by choosing Joker cards, either from the vertical set or the horizontal one and the dealer will decide if they can do so even before providing them with cards.

And once the cards are dealt, the gaming round continues as scheduled and there will not be a lot of changes in the mix. 

  • Auction 

Like other Teen Patti variations, Auction also begins with three cards being dealt to the players. And when it comes to getting started, the dealer will place 2 piles of 3 cards on the table. Every single pile on this front has an open card and two close cards as the open cards will be considered joker cards. 

And with the two piles on the table, you can take part in the auctioning process as all players will be asked to make bids for the piles even before the round starts. However, players who have a better hand need not bid and once the highest bidder is decided, the new pile of cards will be replaced by that player’s old cards.

The money that was used for bidding goes into the main pot and once both piles of cards are sold, the round moves ahead as usual. But there is a small difference and that comes from two open cards being brought in to serve as joker cards. 

  • Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

As the name suggests, this variation is about buying jokers and once three cards are dealt, you will witness two rounds of buying jokers. Before playing the game, players need to agree to a specific amount that can be used to buy a joker in the first round and once the money has been placed, it will go directly into the pot. 

Players can then choose any of the cards to be a joker by merely placing it in front of them. And in the second round, players can buy jokers from other players by paying the pre-agreed amount. They will also have to pay the same amount of money into the pot, meaning that they will have to pay double. 

  • Stud

Stud is a variation of Teen Patti that rarely has any changes but has a few that you need to be aware of. Every player will receive a face-up card, which is called street cards and two face-down cards, which are called hole cards.

These terms and the small changes that they bring are the only additions to this variation. The rest remains the same and you can start to explore it if you have played Teen Patti. So go ahead and check out this common variation of Teen Patti because it is popular and quite exciting.

The bet placed before the game begins is generally known as the ante bet and it decides the amount that you will find in the pot. By doing so, you can start playing the game and look to explore all of it.
The best hand in Teen Patti, meaning the highest hand rank is three aces, followed by A-2-3 in the same order.
While there aren’t any specific differences, more betting options and variations can be added to the mix, especially if you are playing the game at an online casino. So be aware of such differences before going ahead to play the game.
Teen Patti and Poker are played by following a few of the same rules but there are differences to both these games. Despite being minute changes, such differences shouldn’t be ignored.
If you choose to play seen after another player who has also chosen to play seen, then you can ask for a slideshow from the last player. You should view the cards in secret and play the game accordingly.