Top Gambling Movies That Are Definitely A Must Watch!

When it comes to gambling movies, Hollywood has churned out some of the best and exhilarating films of all times. Every gambling enthusiast should actually take an interest in them as there is so much to learn and gain from them. From the script, location to the production value, these films do not fail to keep the audience entertained. 

Given below are ten gambling movies every casino player should watch.

Casino Royale

A stellar gambling movie from James Bond’s 007 series, Casino Royale sets the benchmark of gambling movies really high. With Daniel Craig’s brilliant performance,
the gripping storyline and exquisite locations make it up for a perfect watch. What makes this film categorically unique is that it covers two popular casino games poker and roulette very well.
Although certain things may seem exaggerated in certain parts, the makers more or less stick to the faithful representation of the games. Overall,
it encompasses what a good espionage film should be like thrilling, sensual, and entertaining.


Stories about student or college geniuses have always managed to capture the attention of the young audience.
One such movie is called 21. It is a cult gambling movie popular among casino players mainly for two reasons:
a) authentic portrayal of Blackjackand
b) nuanced adaptation of a real-life story. It is based on the Math genius Ben Campbell who could not afford the tuition fees of Harvard Medical School.
He then meets an enigmatic Maths Professor Micky Rosa who upon being impressed by Ben’s prowess, invites him to be a part of a card counting club along with five students.
He joins the club and together they visit Las Vegas and achieve sweeping wins across all casinos.
For new and veteran gamblers, the film opened discussions of the maverick card-counting skills depicted by the protagonist.

Ocean’s eleven

Probably the coolest gambling movie ever made!
Danny Ocean is a genius con-man who has set his goal on carrying out the biggest casino heist at all go- The Bellagio, MGM Grand, and The Mirage.
These three casinos are owned by businessman Terry Benedict who has set a grand prize of $150 inside the vault.
Danny forms an eclectic team of all kinds of characters and puts his grand scheme into execution.
While the film seems out of touch with reality, it still remains one of the most popular films among the gambling community.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A classic Black Comedy, this gambling movie traces the journey of the eccentric duo Duke and Dr Gonzo as they move towards Las Vegas in pursuit of their American Dream.
Duke participates in a thrilling motorbike race that takes place inside the Nevada desert but lands himself in the world of drugs and pills and the story takes a different turn altogether.
Along their journey, they have an encounter with many weird characters like racers, police, hitchhikers, etc. 

The Cincinnati Kid

A Steve McQueen Classic, this movie tells the story of Eric Stoner, a proficient gambler who navigates from one town to another in search of high-profile casino games and gorgeous women.
He arrives at New Orleans, where he is put up against an ace poker player, Lance Howard. Even though luck was by his side, he lost the game in the end.
The movie is famous for its accurate description of the skills, gambling industry and the legend Steve McQueen himself.

Owning Mahowny

Owning Mahowny is based on the true story of Dan Mahowny who was the youngest assistant manager at Canadian Imperial Bank.
Despite his meteoric successes, he hides his deep secret of secretly being addicted to gambling. Due to his debt,
he is compelled to engage in nefarious and defrauding activities of the bank to swindle off $10 million over a period of 18 months.
But things do not go as they are planned as in the end he gets arrested and sent over to prison. The dark and gritty premise of the story will definitely keep you hooked to the edge of the seat.

The Gambler

We all know Mark Walhberg as a comedic actor. But do you know he stayed a serious role of a literary professor Jim Benett in the film The Gambler? His secret gambling addiction made him lose to a local mobster who has just given him seven days to recover the money. Jim seeks help from his rich mother who unfortunately refuses to help him due to his spiralling addiction. Ultimately, he had to borrow a loan from another mobster who has some ulterior moves up his sleeves. While the movie may not be as authentic as the Cincinnati Kid nor as dark as the Casino but it delivers strongly the message of addiction and problem play very effectively. But overall, it’s one hell of an entertaining movie flick.


A classic stereotypical gem of a gambling movie, Rounders tells the story of Mike McDermott who is a genius poker player who massively loses a huge chunk of money to a mobster and is compelled to play at a competition to save his back. Even though it has its share of cliches, Rounders never fails to engage its audience with its near-to-accurate portrayal of poker that really keeps the gambling enthusiasts happy and delighted. Enjoy the journey of Mike embracing his love for gambling and hopping on a Las Vegas Plane to participate in the World Series of Poker. 


Even though the movie does not show the act of gambling, it beautifully covers the dark underbelly of the casino industry of Las Vegas. It has all the successful ingredients of what a classic mobster film should be. The story follows the story of two childhood friends Ace and Nicky who shift to Las Vegas to make a mark in their life. While Ace runs the Tangiers Casino, Nicky becomes a strongman. However, a rift puts their friendship at stake as both of them fall for the same woman. Till date Casino is venerated among the casino players.

The Cooler

A fanciful yet morbid description of Las Vegas, the story features three protagonists: William H. Macy is the house jinx who is placed to stop the player from making a big run, the smart and got-headed cocktail waitress Maria Bello and Alec Baldwin who dons the role of a maverick and ruthless casino boss.