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  • FREE bonuses for moving up levels
  • A dedicated and professional personal VIP Account Manager
  • Regular invitations to exclusive events and promotion offers
  • Frequent HUGE bonus offers

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0 - 400
401 - 1000
1001 - 2000
2001 - 20000
Invitation only
Red Diamond
Invitation only

How many levels does the VIP Lounge have?

The VIP Lounge at Swift has 6 levels. The higher the level you achieve the better the benefits will be for you throughout the month.

How do I get into a higher level?

You will accumulate VIP points with every wager on all games. At the beginning of every month your VIP Points of the previous month are evaluated and based on your total, you will be assigned a level for the current month.

What are VIP Points?

VIP Points are accumulated with every wager on all games and determine which level you will be assigned to each month so that you may receive your monthly benefits.

How are VIP Points calculated?

VIP Points are accumulated when a player wagers in the Casino. There are different ratios for different games. Click here to see the table.

What do I get for reaching a higher level?

If you reach a higher level, you will be entitled to all the benefits listed in the Benefits Table. If there is a bonus for reaching that level, you will be able to claim it in the Bonus Area of the Cashier within 3 days.

What do I get for maintaining a level?

Some levels provide a bonus for maintaining that level each month. This bonus will be claimable in the Bonus Area of the Cashier within 3 days. Don't forget that if you reach the next level you will get an even bigger bonus.

What happens if I do not play for a month?

You can only drop one level per month.

For example, if you are on Platinum Level the lowest level you can be on the following month is Gold. We will always make exceptions for special members so contact us if you have any queries.

In which level do I start?

Every player starts in level Bronze.

When are the levels evaluated?

On the 1st of each calendar month, the VIP Points for the previous month are checked and players will be assigned their level for the current month.

How many points are necessary to get to Level Platinum?

The following table shows the VIP levels and the required monthly points to reach and maintain each Level.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Red Diamond
Monthly entry levels 0 - 400 Points 401 - 1000 Points 1001 - 2000 Points 2001 - 20000 Points 20001 - 80000 Points 80000+ Points

What are the rewards for each level?

To see what benefits you are eligible for please have a look at our VIP Benefits Table. The benefits for each level are listed there including bonuses for reaching and maintaining a specific level.

Where can I see my current VIP Points?

Your current points balance is displayed in the Casino lobby next to your Real Money Balance. You may find your current VIP Points counter in the VIP section within the Cashier.

How can I see which level I am in?

You can see your current VIP level in the VIP section within the Cashier.

How can I claim a bonus offered to players of a higher level?

Bonuses can be claimed only by players of the specific level. If you accumulate enough VIP points in the current month to increase your level, you will then be able to claim better rewards.

Achievement of levels

  • Players will be assigned a level based on the number of points accumulated during the previous calendar month.
  • Levels will be assigned automatically on the 1st day of each calendar month.
  • Players can only drop one level per month.
  • Points can only be carried over for a maximum of 6 months. Any unconverted points for more than 6 months will expire and be removed from player"s account.
  • To receive the benefits of the Executive Levels, all players will need to send in documents to verify their account details including but not limited to identity verification, address verification and deposit verification as requested.
  • Players may have their level manually increased or decreased during the month based on their game play at the discretion of the Casino. In this case, no Level Up Bonus will be given.
  • Players who are fast-tracked to a higher level must accumulate enough points in the following month in order to remain at that level. No Level Up Bonus will be given in this case.


  • The Level Up Bonus and Level Maintained Bonus will be added on the 1st day of each Calendar Month and has to be claimed within 3 days in the Cashier. There will be 60 times mixed wagering requirements valid on all games.
  • No Level Up Bonus will be given to players whose level has been manually increased at the discretion of the Casino.
  • Players will be responsible to make sure they are receiving emails from the Casino to receive special promotion offers. The Casino is not under any obligation to manually credit bonuses that the player did not claim due to non-receipt of promotional emails or non-entering of the correct bonus code.

VIP Points

  • vip-terms-and-conditions_pre_text VIP Points are collected with bets made on each game according to the rate displayed in the VIP Points section. This depends on the type of game and currency the player is playing in.


  • Casino Terms and Conditions apply to all players of all levels. Click here for the Terms and Conditions.
  • Standard Bonus Policy applies to all cashback and bonuses offered as part of the VIP Lounge. Click here for the Bonus Policy.
  • The Casino reserves the right to withhold any bonus funds and/or winnings generated by bonus funds and will drop the player to the lowest level if there is any type of irregular play that results in the intentional increased accumulation of VIP points.