Blackjack Etiquettes for the Player in You

Are you interested to play blackjack? If yes, knowing the blackjack etiquette is highly important. Blackjack is one of the best mobile casino games. It comes with simple rules and is thrilling to play. It has everything you would ever want. Moreover, using the basic strategies, you get the chance to make the best moves. 

Still, blackjack is a little tricky game in comparison to the video poker and casino slots. In order to play the game like a pro, knowing the blackjack etiquette is important. Here is some very basic blackjack etiquette that you must know. Let’s dive in!

  • Do Not Give the Money Directly to the Dealer

In the live casinos, there are overhead security cameras. They see and record all the cash transactions. So, you need to lay down your cash on the table’s surface. The dealer will then spread out and count the money in such a manner that the security cameras are able to see them. Then you will be provided with equivalents chips.

  • Avoid the Use of Both the Hands to Hold the Cards

In the game of blackjack, the cards are usually dealt to you with their face down. Make sure that you pick up the cards with one hand only. Do not use both your hands. This blackjack etiquette has been designed in order to prevent players from switching their cards or tampering with the cards.

  • Do Not Touch the Cards When Dealt Face Up

In the game of blackjack, where four or more card decks are used, cards are usually dealt with the face up. In such situations, you do not have to handle or pick up the cards. So, let them be as they are.

  • Do Not Touch the Chips When Cards are Being Dealt

This is an important blackjack etiquette that you must always remember. After you have placed the bet and the dealer starts dealing the cards, you must not touch the chips unless and until the hand is completed. In case you tie the hand or win, you have all the freedom to collect the chips or make changes to your bet. However, in case it is the dealer who wins, he will take your chips. This blackjack etiquette is meant to prevent the cheaters from making any kind of changes to the bet when the cards are being played.

  • Do Not Say Your Decision, Signal It

As there are security cameras, you are required to make hand signals in order to convey your intentions to the dealer. Simply saying whether you want to stand or hit is not enough. Making signals is important in the game of blackjack. If you are a newbie, the dealer can show you the signs that you need to make. 

If you are willing to hit, you need to make a gesture that seems to be “come here.” In case you want to stand and do not want a hit, you need to wave your hands over the cards. If you want to double down or split, simply place the appropriate number of chips beside the original bet. The dealer will understand your intention and do the rest.

  • Properly Cut the Deck

If you are playing the six-deck games, the dealer will ask you to cut the deck after the cards have been shuffled. Try to cut the deck from the middle. In case you try cutting the deck too close from the end, you will be asked to do it again. This can hold up the game. So, make sure to follow this blackjack etiquette and properly cut the deck.

  • Avoid Telling Fellow Players How to Play

If a player sitting next to you asks something about the game, feel free to give your advice. However, if you are not asked anything, make sure not to tell others how to play the game. At times, when a player is playing really bad, you may have the urge to advise him. However, resist such an urge. 

  • Stack the Chips Properly

When you place a bet that involves different denomination chips, make sure to place the chip with a higher denomination at the bottom of the stack. Keep the chip with a lower denomination at the top. If you do not arrange the chips in this manner, the dealer will have to rearrange them before dealing the cards. 

  • Leverage Basic Strategy

This is a vital blackjack etiquette that you must remember. There are mathematically correct ways to play every hand of the game of blackjack. You will easily find the basic strategy of blackjack on the internet, in the books, and even on the strategy cards. Make sure you do not use any kind of guesswork and remember the basic strategy instead.

  • Check Before You Enter a Game in the Middle

Many of the best casinos forbid the players from entering the game and placing bets when the game is midway. You need to wait for the completion of the entire shoe before you join. Often, there are signs saying “No Mid-Shoe Entry.” Make sure to check for such signs on the tables. If you see such signs, you can sit down but cannot place bets until the shoe is over.

  • Do Not Play 6:5

Another blackjack etiquette is to avoid playing 6:5. A number of blackjack players despise this rule. Instead of the traditional 3:2, you get paid 6:5. While it may not seem to be a big difference to you, it is in reality. The diminished payout is likely to cut down your profit significantly.


The demand for the game of blackjack is increasing in recent times. Whether you are playing the live casinos or the VR casinos, knowing the rules and etiquette is vital to ensure fair gameplay. Now that you know the blackjack etiquette, playing the game will be relatively simple and easy. It will enable you to play the game like a pro and provide you with a pleasant experience.