Why is European Roulette most preferred by players?

The European Roulette is one of the preferred games by gambling enthusiasts. The offers a house advantage of 2.3%. There are various online gaming sites that provide European Roulette. Some of the popular ones are 888 casinos, Swift Casino, Casino Planet, Rizk Casino etc. These sites provide a live version where the player gets to play at a stimulated version of a traditional casino with a Roulette guide, Roulette wheel, and a Roulette table. He gets to interact with human dealers and have a one-to-one conversation with them. 

Unlike the American Roulette, the European Roulette has 37 divisions which consist of numbers 1 to 36 and 0. The numbers are painted in black and red while the number 0 is painted in green colour. The player has to guess how the number the ball is going to roll in. All of the participants have to guess the number. The dealer spins the wheel and rolls the ball from a different direction. The ball lands on a number and the player who has guessed the number correctly will win the prize.

Simple rules to follow

The betting process in European Roulette is very easy and simple to play. The player needs to place the bet on his chips and click the Spin button. 

The arrangement of a land-based casino is starkly different from the online one. They have four casino personnel managing the game. There are two croupiers who manage the bets and spin balls. There is another person who would be placed at the end of the table and the other one would look after and supervise the game.

A Roulette game can consist of 8 people and more. The croupiers ask the players to place their individual bets. They can place bets of their own choice. The croupier spins the Roulette wheel and rolls the ball from an opposite direction.

The ball is allowed to spin on the Roulette wheel for two revolutions after which the croupier announces that no bets can be placed. The ball lands on one of the 37 pockets after which the croupier announces the winning number. The player who gets the winning number gets the cash and the other players who have lost their bets surrender to the game.

The table limits are well-defined

It goes without saying that every casino game comes with a set of betting limits. Roulette is traditionally a table game. The table games come up with the standard for betting limit which is placed on a small take.

No complicated etiquettes 

There are online casino games which have a series of do’s and don’ts to follow which makes it difficult for the player to understand. He eventually loses the interest of the game. However, this is not true for online Roulette. The etiquettes and decorum are easy to follow. 

No complicated etiquettes

Since Roulette is a very sophisticated and regal game, the players have to maintain certain guidelines around the Roulette table. The most important rule is the croupier’s words are the final words. No player can argue with the croupier and has to follow everything he says. Everyone is bound by the croupier’s instructions. The players need to mutually respect one another and should not take time in placing the bets. They need to place the bets within a particular time limit and should not delay or stretch the game. But unlike other games where the players need to sit quietly, in Roulette, the players are allowed to cheer for each othimand make noise. This makes Roulette fun and enjoyable.

Players can avail different types of bets

European Roulette allows the player to utilise two categories of bets: a) outside and b) inside bets. There are different kinds of bets and the player can select the best of their choice. Each bet comes with different winning odds and payout options. The information about the winning odds and payout options are not available at the Roulette table which is why the player needs to brush up their basic knowledge about the game before placing wagers. 

The inside bet consists of a) straight-up bet b) split bet c) street bet d) corner bet and e) line bet. The straight-up bet can be placed on any number on the Roulette table including 0. Upon scoring a winning number, the player gets a payout to 35 to 1. The split bet is placed on a line dividing two adjacent numbers. The payout is 17 to 1. The street bet features three numbers in a row. The payout is from 11 to 1. The corner bet is placed at the corner of a Roulette table comprising four numbers. The payout is 8 to 1. The line bet consists of 6 numbers in a row. The player is entitled to a payout of 15 to 1. 

The outside bet consists of a) Column bet b) Dozen bet c) Color bet d) Odd/even bet and e) High/low bet. The column bet is placed on the box 2:1 located outside the layout. The dozen bet is placed on the first twelve numbers. It has a payout of 2:1. The colour bet has the bet placed on a black or a red colour. It has a payout of 1:1. In odd/even bets, the player places a bet on an odd number or an even number. The payout is 1:1. The high/low consists of low and high numbers. It has a payout of 1:1. 


Every player should take advantage of playing European Roulette as it is easy to play and understand. And right now people can play this game within the four walls of their rooms.