Live Casino vs Online Casino: A Detailed Comparison

We have had several platforms in the online gambling space and much more seem to be arriving. But very few have shaped an image of liking in the minds of gamers with live casinos and online casinos being prominent among them. Both these types of gaming, although arising from the same platform, are different in several ways. 

Understanding these critical differences will help you understand more about these platforms and what you need to choose when you visit a website to play your favourite casino games. So here’s a critical difference between Live Casino gaming and Online Casino gaming. A mere Live Casino vs Online Casino comparison with which you can choose what you need.

  • The question about authenticity and being electronic

The point about being authentic and electronic is an important one and shouldn’t be ignored. While both have similarities, you can say that live casinos are authentic and online casinos are electronic. 

Live casinos aim to bring out the same experience that you enjoy at brick and mortar casinos, thereby taking the Live Casino vs Online Casino debate to a whole new extent. You get to interact with players and learn a lot more about the game when playing at a live casino.

On the other hand, online casinos follow the digital approach which eliminates a sense of authenticity that you get to see from other platforms that provide casino games. You won’t be hearing any of the communication part nor will you get some of the interactive features that are offered by live casinos.

While the choice is yours, these differences go a long way and tell us a lot about these two aspects of casino gaming that we have known to be similar but are different in so many ways. 

  • Prefer a Live Dealer or an RNG?

The next big question and the biggest difference between these two platforms has to be about bringing in a live dealer or sticking with the RNG format. A live dealer helps you experience a different kind of gaming, one which you get to see at offline casinos. Not only will you be able to see the dealer but can also experience a few more features when compared to the other platforms. 

If we are to look at the other side of things then RNG will come into question with the meaning being Random Number Generator. It is a type of system that brings in random numbers and ensures that nothing is fixed about the game. 

RNG makes everything secure and ensures that your experience is not interrupted by anything. It is a special part about gaming and goes a long way in making everything secure. While that does not mean that live casinos aren’t secure, it does bring out a guarantee and help you look at things the right way. 

The RNG approach to gaming has been adopted by several games and has turned out to be a crucial part of online gaming. The system has largely been successful and has all the right tools to continue being successful. 

A simple internet connection and a suitable device is all that you need to start playing either of these games and in doing so, the process becomes all the more easier.

  • The point about the type of games

If you’re one to choose a specific type of casino game or go after high-end live casino games, you will have to stick with live casinos rather than online casinos. This difference is another significant one and goes a long way to make sense. 

It brings about different kinds of features because, as we all know, gaming features tend to vary from one another. These differences are specific and will also affect the type of audience that a game wants to attract.

The best way to understand the difference is to explore both an online casino as well as a live casino. By doing so, you get an idea about the type of games that they offer and can end up choosing the one that you want. 

To get a clear picture, you will have to explore more than a single casino. The internet is filled with options leaving plenty of casinos around to be explored by you. So by choosing and exploring more than a single one, you get a broader picture and can understand what you need and what you don’t. 

Making the right pick

In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer and how you want your casino experience to go about. If you want an authentic approach, that is still digital but also offers the slight touch of traditional gaming, you need to go after live casinos. These casinos can also bring about live gaming and thus make a difference to a huge extent.

On the other hand, online casinos take a different approach in this aspect and look at things differently. Keeping the idea of being authentic aside, these casinos bring in RNG, eliminates a live dealer and also differs in type of games. 

So these differences are out there to be seen and should be understood in the right manner. In doing so, you get the idea and the concept. Since gaming depends upon the experience, you should analyse these aspects and ensure that you are getting what you need. 

In this manner, the process becomes enjoyable and you become a player who gets to experience it all. 


Regardless of the differences, both online casinos and live casinos have something or the other to offer and also share a few similarities. So it is all about getting to explore them all and getting a real touch of the casino gaming experience. 

So go out there, explore tham and help your mind understand the aspect of gaming and everything that it brings with casinos.