Your Guide to Social Casinos & Gambling

The term social gambling might not seem like something that can get you confused but in reality it does. And if you are wondering how, you need to consider what first appeared in your mind when you heard the term social gambling or social casinos. 

If it were to do with something related to a private gambling session or other such aspects, then you need to know that you are wrong. Social casinos or gambling do not have anything to do with online gambling, which is why a definitive guide is needed to understand it.

Let’s Discover Social Gambling/Social Casinos

While there are several definitions to the term social gambling or social casinos, our guide focuses on something specific. Social gambling refers to the process of playing casino games on social media without making any form of deposit or involving real money. 

It is a way of gambling that people are getting used to and has major differences with online gambling or even Bitcoin gambling. So every time you play such games, you are investing your time and effort into social gambling. 

And the platform for the same is known as social casinos. They can either be a website, app or any platform where you gain access to specific games. Apart from games like Roulette, others like FarmVille also fall under this category. 

With these games, you are not betting with real money nor will you gain something if you win. It is a specific type of entertainment that keeps on confusing people because it involves the word gambling or social casinos. 

Top Features

The best way to explore and understand social casinos or gambling and examine its difference between other gambling trends is to know the top features that come with it. 

  • Type of games

Social gambling involves games that you wouldn’t find at an online casino and thus won’t be categorised as casino games online. The inclusion of games such as FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Farm Town and more are some of the leading examples that also indicate the difference. 

These games have a specific style of play and by exploring them, you will understand the difference further. In this manner, you will know why they are also called social games and why they fall under the category of social casinos or gambling.

  • The creation of avatars

With online casino games, you won’t exactly be creating an avatar that accurately describes you. That is a feature that online casinos don’t have and they also don’t consider it to be a requirement. Hence, another major difference and a top feature of social casinos and social gambling is the fact that you can create aviators with it. 

These avatars are also customizable which should sound exciting because you have the power to create an individual. 

  • Storyline and plot

Social casinos don’t intend on making things easy with their games. They look forward to bringing about a difference and that difference can be found in the form of a storyline or plot. 

Some of these games come with a storyline and follow a similar path to gambling movies or even try to bring a difference or so. As a result, you can play and explore a game and then move forward to understand the storyline as it keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

By being a part of it, you will understand all that it means and will certainly move forward to keep on exploring it, provided you have an interest in the same. Thanks to that, the inclusion of a storyline or a plot can be another difference and a top feature of social casino games. 

  • Free games 

One of the highlights of social casinos is the fact that they provide games for free. You won’t be paying for these games and that is one of the biggest differences between social casino games and online games. 

Unlike the ones that you find at mobile casinos and the ones that provide mobile casino bonuses, social games can be tried for free and you can go about exploring them. 

While it is free, you should also note that they don’t provide rewards and that is a factor that prevents people from exploring such games. Many want to be playing games in order to try and win something. So if the games are free, some lack the enthusiasm to keep on playing because rewards are not financial. 

  • Free of financial risk

Social casinos and their games are free of risks because you won’t necessarily be putting any sort of finance on the line. Since risks are a part of gambling ever since it was introduced, digesting another system that also has the word gambling in it to be free of risks is something that people will not be used to at first. 

Ancient gambling or even modern gambling involves financial risks but not social gambling or social casinos. While there are other risks which are purely a part of the game, you will not find financial risks and that might also be a relief for some. 

Since we are all busy searching for terms like live casino UK and want to explore games of that sort, it does make sense to accept change and explore social casinos for once. 


Social casinos or social gambling is a whole different concept that one can happily explore. It tends to bring in its own differences and takes us into another world. By doing so, we stand to be equipped with new resources that may or may not be as exciting as the previous ones. 

Since these resources are games, it is better to play them before forming a conclusion. Due to that, you need to look into these games, understand them, explore them and then look to form an opinion that may or may not see you continue playing these games.