An all-comprehensive guide to Blackjack insurance

When people lose something owing to negligence, death or mishap, they can easily claim for the insurance money which offers them some monetary relief and protection. This is, however, not true for Blackjack. It is said that Blackjack insurance bets remain one of the most controversial bets. For any player who has been playing Blackjack for a long time, they might have come across the term Blackjack insurance. Blackjack insurance is said to give some protection to the player provided the dealer presents a strong card. But for those who are new to gambling or the concept of insurance bets, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the game Blackjack.

The Blackjack is a game which is usually played with a deck of 52 cards. It is a strategic combination of skills and luck. The luck part is involved with how the cards are being dealt with in the game and the skill part comprises the application of certain techniques like split, stand or double-down. Most of the players choose to double down in Blackjack as it increases their chances of making money. But the technique alone cannot guarantee them a win. Blackjack player still needs luck on his side. The Blackjack house edge is usually marked at 0.5% Swift Casino is one such website that not only rates and reviews Blackjack games but also provides information on playing Blackjack.

Introduction to Blackjack insurance

Blackjack insurance is considered as a side bet which is different from the original bet. The bet is offered when the dealer deals an ace card as it serves as a safety net against the opposing blackjack. The insurance is half of the original bet that pays 2 to 1. The bet is placed when the dealer reveals his second card. If the dealer declares a blackjack with a ten, Queen or king, then the player has won the Blackjack insurance bet. If the dealer does not win a blackjack then the player loses the insurance bet but can still win the original bet.

In the Blackjack game, if the dealer deals with 17, the player can claim blackjack insurance if he has a solid 18, 19 or 20, otherwise, it is difficult for him to beat the dealer. There can be two scenarios where the player can claim the Blackjack insurance or not. In the first scenario, the player bets $10 and he has dealt Jack of Hearts and a 9. The dealer’s card turns out to be an Ace. Now, he takes half of his original bet as Blackjack insurance. The dealer’s second card turns out to be 10. The player gets paid as 2 to 1 and wins the $5 insurance bet. 

Now consider the second scenario. The player bets $10 and has dealt with 10 and 8. The dealer’s card turns out to be an ace and as usual, the player takes half of his original bet as insurance money. The dealer’s second card is revealed to be a 4. The player loses the insurance bet but can continue playing to see if he can defeat the dealer.

Usage of the insurance bet

Most of the professional players will advise to not use the Blackjack insurance unless the player is counting cards at a casino. A quick maths will reveal that the person will lose his money in the long run. In blackjack, the odds against dealing with cards lie between 9 to 4. The player will lose out half of the Blackjack insurance as the bet pays 2 to 1. This is a losing proposition. The only way a player can win the insurance bet is when the card counters apply complex and advanced blackjack techniques to account for ten-point cards in the deck. If the deck has more ten-point cards or face cards, the dealer is most likely to claim a Blackjack. The player then has an easy chance of winning the Blackjack insurance. It is advisable to use insurance bet to traditional and live casinos and not on online Blackjack sites.

An all-comprehensive guide to Blackjack insurance

Chances of winning the Blackjack insurance

The odds of winning Blackjack insurance are not the same. It depends on two things: a) how many decks are being used in the game and b) how many 10-point cards the dealer has dealt with. Since the card-counters can keep a check on the cards, they can ascertain the factors that can cause a blackjack insurance bet. While playing online, the odds do not go in favour of the player once he places the insurance bet. If more decks are being used in the game, then the player receives the worst kind of odds. The house advantage on insurance bets roughly sums up to 6%. If the game uses 8 cards, the number soars up to 7.5%. 

Rules for the Blackjack insurance

There are some rules that the player needs to know whilst claiming for Blackjack insurance. If the dealer produces an Ace as their up card, the player then can make an insurance bet. The dealer gives a choice to the player to make the insurance bet. The player has to accept the offer before the dealer deals the hole card. Otherwise, he misses out on the opportunity.

Alternative bets to Blackjack insurance

There are other alternatives to Blackjack insurance bets that the player can avail of. There are many variations of Blackjack bets which offer some extra bonus offers. The player can go for an insurance bet along with a side bet. 

The Bonus Blackjack Hand is a sub-variation of the European Blackjack where the player can play on four hands simultaneously. Along with the insurance bet, the players can bet 50/1 which refers to Jack and Ace of spades, 25/1 which consists of Jack and Ace of diamonds, clubs or hearts, or 5/2 which comprises two cards of the same suit. 

The Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series is a variant of American blackjack as the game has been named after Atlantic City, which is one of the most attractive gambling destinations in the US. The player is allowed to give up half of their bet if they feel like losing the game against the dealer. He can claim for Blackjack insurance if the dealer shows an Ace card. 

The High Streak Blackjack Gold Series consists of a bet that is awarded to players who have won two consecutive hands. While the insurance bet is placed against the dealer’s blackjack, the player can support both the bets and turn the odds in their favour.