What You Need to Know About Casinos & Fake Chips

People do a lot to win at a casino and using fake chips is just one of the strategies that come to mind. It is strangely popular among some users as they believe that fake casino chips can take them forward. However, on a realistic note, there are a few things that you ought to consider and we are here to tell you all about them. 

Whether you are targeting casino bonuses or looking to win, using fake chips is not how you should proceed forward. So read the following for a detailed explanation.

The Making of Fake Casino Chips 

Fake casino chips go by several names as they are also called tokens, cheques or any other term that could give you the impression that they are real. And when it comes to the making, you must know that they are made of moulded plastic or even clay-based on the target casino. 

Due to that, fake casino chips differ from each other as they vary in terms of their design, style and so on and the only casinos that they don’t target are probably casinos online. While the colour of these chips remains the same, what changes is the value of the denominations. 

The chip with the highest value is orange as it is worth around $.1,000 whereas the chip with the lowest value is white as it is worth around $. 1. While these chips are made in different colours, what they lack is the perfect shade that you find in an original. 

Yes, that’s right. Fake casino chips might be showcased in attractive colours and might even look similar to the ones that you get at the casino but they might not match the shade and that is a huge problem.

And even if it does match the shade, you still have other problems to deal with. UV markings, weight and feel are a few others that also need to be added to the mix. Due to that, using a fake casino chip can lead to numerous problems and it is always better to avoid them.

Possible consequences 

Entering a casino with fake chips will not always help one explore the best of casino entertainment. In the age of Know Your Customer (KYC) and various other laws, it is important to understand that casinos keep a track of high-value chips. 

So if an individual, using a fake casino chip, is buying something worth between $500 and $1000, the manager or the floor supervisor will be alerted about the same and security will immediately take your picture.

Since casinos are already known to have the best tools for security purposes, one need not go on about how they might catch an individual with a fake casino chip. And if they find things to be suspicious, they will immediately verify the concerned player’s ID and look to do things in order to ease their suspicion.

Governments from across the world have strict laws against money laundering so getting caught will land the concerned individual in deep trouble. From hefty fines to a lifetime ban from casinos to even jail time, a lot could be said as the consequence of using fake casino chips.


Higher the value, greater the chance of getting caught 

Chips with higher values are the ones that are most targeted and they are also the kind of chips that casinos have their eyes on. Unlike a game of live casino online, land-based casinos have a lot more to deal with and the ones using fake casino chips are the centre of everything.

Unlike the chips with smaller values, the ones with higher values are what everyone will be after, including the people who make them. Since a lot goes into making fake casino chips, the expected outcome will also be huge and thus high value chips are made more often.

Since casinos are also aware of that, they will be on high alert to catch hold of anyone who is understood to be using these chips. As mentioned earlier, anything from jail time to whatnot could be expected if you are caught with a fake casino chip.

Fake chips outside the casino 

Considering the problems and the consequences of bringing a fake casino chip inside a casino, counterfeiting can also be done outside the casino and it is one of the activities that is currently gaining prominence.

Unlike the safety barrier that comes along with online casino games that also prompt one to explore live casino gaming and mobile casino games, offline casinos take a different route.

Not only should you be alert inside a casino but should also do the same outside a casino. Counterfeit chips being passed on isn’t a new thing but the experience of getting caught will certainly be new if you have mistakenly received one.

It was found in specific casinos in Las Vegas that real chips were getting switched into fake ones and that casino security wasn’t able to prevent it from happening. So the best way to be safe from such problems is to be aware of fake chips and how they are being used.

You should also not entertain emails in this regard because a lot could come your way, claiming to offer you chips and that you have to make an initial deposit to get everything moving.

  • So be aware of how fake chips can get into your bankroll 
  • Understand the difference between real and fake chips 
  • Ignore emails, messages and other texts claiming to provide you with chips 
  • Be well-read on scams, counterfeits and other situations that have taken place in and around the casino.


By now it is understood that using fake casino chips could land you in a world of trouble, be it whether you used them knowingly or unknowingly. So make sure to follow the rules of the casino, understand the importance of responsible gaming and avoid using fake casino chips.