Famous Gamblers with the Worst Luck

Do you have an inclination towards live casino online and slot games? If yes, then you must have knowledge that luck plays an important role in these games. However, in addition to luck, the use of the right strategies is also considered to be a good move when playing mobile casino games. In the world of gambling, gamblers fall into two different categories – winners and losers. The players who lose mainly blame their misfortune. In this blog, you will gain insights about some of the famous gamblers with the worst luck. Let’s begin!

  • Harry Kakavas

Have you ever heard about Harry Kakavas? Well, in the history of gambling, Harry Kakavas is one of the famous gamblers with the worst luck. He is often referred to as the biggest loser in the casino world. Just like other gamblers, Harry Kakavas was extremely successful. By selling a number of luxury real estate in the posh Gold Coast in Australia, he had made more than a billion dollars.

However, owing to his bad luck, he lost about $1.5 billion in casinos. Yes, you read it right! It’s $1.5 billion! While playing baccarat at Las Vegas, he is known to have lost $164 million. Harry Kakavas was so much into gambling that he was even put behind bars for defrauding a company out of $500 k in order to keep his gambling habits going.

By 2004, Harry Kakavas started playing the jackpot casino games again. He was seen in Las Vegas. The Crown Casino wanted back their VIP. However, he ended up losing more than $11 million. Later, Harry filed a suit against Crown Casino for taking advantage of his gambling problems in order to make their own profit. The judge was in favour of Harry Kakavas. However, Harry did not get back any of the money lost.

  • Michael Vick

Michael Vick is also one of the famous gamblers with bad luck. He led a charming life. He was Atlanta Falcon’s first overall draft pick. He made a successful 13-year career in the NFL and had earned huge money as well as numerous accolades. Michael Vick was a part of the Pro Bowls, one of the NFC Championship games. He was even considered for the MVP league. However, he lost everything in a way that may be beyond your imagination.

Michael Vick was arrested for his act of founding as well as funding dog fights. It was indeed barbaric, and animals were treated in a very disrespectful manner. He was put behind bars for a period of 10 years. In the case of Michael, his luck definitely played an important role in taking him from the NFL stadium to the prison.

Later, Michael admitted all his mistakes and made an effort in order to correct his own mistakes. The court gave an order to Michael Vick to pay back about $20 million. In order to pay the huge amount, Michael had to own a significant portion of his possessions.

As a young adult, Michael Vick had made some wrong choices that led him to prison. In the later years, he changed his take on animal abuse and became an advocate of ethical treatment for animals. His story clearly states that when gambling goes wrong, you are sure to lose much more than just money.

  • Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is also one of the famous gamblers with the worst luck. Charles Barkley is a well-known figure among the public. He had a very noteworthy NBA career with more than 16 seasons. Moreover, Charles has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame twice. But despite all his successes, he was not successful in winning the NBA Championship. He tried everything he could. He even changed teams a number of times. However, he could not win the title ever. One of his major roadblocks was Michael Jordan.

Luck did not favour Charles Barkley much. With his talent and hard work, he was able to earn millions of dollars and a dream lifestyle. However, luck did not support him in the casinos. During the 1990s, Charles lost about $10 million in gambling. In a particular game at the blackjack table, Charles lost $2.5 million. By the year 2008, Charles Barkley was caught up with the worst luck. He incurred losses of more than $20 million.

Things became so worse that Wynn Las Vegas filed a legal suit against Charles Barkley as he was not able to pay a huge gambling debt of $400,000. Barkley is quite verbal about his gambling woes. Today, he claims that his gambling is in control.

  • Arnold Rothstein

Arnold Rothstein is one of the famous gamblers with the worst luck. He is known as a legend in gambling circles. He is not just a trailblazer in bookmaking but also a notable poker player. He made a fortune by winning more than $50 million at the poker table during the 1920s. Arnold Rothstein was the mastermind behind the Black Sox Scandal. However, this scandal didn’t turn things against him. He was successful in beating all court charges against him.

The real problem started when he accepted his role openly. In late 1920, he started having financial issues. In 1928, he lost more than $300 k at the poker table. However, he refused to pay the debt by saying that the game was fixed. A month later, he was invited to another poker game. There he was fatally shot for not paying his debt of $320,000. However, he completely refused to pay off the debt.


These are some of the famous gamblers who had the worst luck. In the top online casinos, luck and the right strategy are equally important. Whether you are playing scratch card games or VR casinos, you are sure to lose if luck is not in your favour. Even if you implement the right strategies, it is hard to win without luck. Gambling is a form of entertainment and not a sole source of earning money. Next time you are heading to the casinos, make sure to keep these famous gamblers in mind.