Top Reasons Why All Avid Gamblers Are Drawn Towards The Baccarat Table

Baccarat has a rich history to begin with. It is really easy to learn and one of the few games which have a low house edge. Like you do not need some skills or mathematical ability to play this game. This is why the majority of the players are drawn towards the baccarat table at the online casino. Here are some of the 8 best reasons why baccarat is still popular among people and is also one of the popular table games of all times.

1 – As a player you can’t Improve the baccarat odds


Baccarat is a game of luck. You get to play with two options: a) banker hand and b) player hand. Since you can deal with two to three hands which do not involve player intervention, the game is qualified as a player-banked game. During old times, players took turns to play the gambler’s hand. So if one player bet on the banker’s hand, the other player can or has the possibility of losing to a banker’s hand. But in modern times, you are allowed to play the banker role. But one thing to remember is that once you choose between the banker or player, you cannot change it. As the dealer now becomes in charge and deals cards on his own. Unlike other games where you can make moves, in Baccarat you have to rely on the dealer and just wish that the chosen hand gets a number close to nine.

2 – The “Low” House Edge Is Double when compared to Skill-Based Games

When you place a bet on a banker’s hand, you play against a house edge of 1.06%. But when you place a hand on the player’s hand, the house edge increases slightly to 1.24%. If translated to simple mathematics, you pay one dollar six cents or one dollar twenty-four cents for every hundred dollars you invest. These are extremely low when compared to the other games like roulette and slots. Games that involve strategy and skills tend to have a lower house edge than others. As you can cut down a minuscule of the house-edge. Which can sometimes make it better than an ideal baccarat game.


3 – Fast pace ensures Players Place More Bets Hourly


The game of baccarat plays at its own pace. As in, it’s really quick. It can go up to 72 hands per hour. You will see more hands dealt per hour despite being a game that has a low house advantage. So you have to place more bets per hour.

4 – Superstitious Regulars are at a High Risk Based on “The Scoreboard”

The baccarat is the only game that comes with a scoreboard. It adds to the superstitious factor as players who belong to Asian descent think that decoding certain patterns in the banker/player can help them in betting. It is said that when superstitions meet in an online baccarat game, the house is always on the winning side.


5 – “Commission” When Smart Players are Aware of theBest Bet


You might be confused as to why people bet on the player’s bet when clearly it should be the banker’s bet. For obvious reasons, the latter has a low house edge. Well, to answer your question, the casino charges a 5% commission fee on a banker bet. So if you place $100 on the game, as per this rule, you will get $95 in return. This is how to play baccarat online. 

6 – The “Tie” Bet Is the Worst Kind of Bet in the world of baccarat

There is another bet in baccarat. It is called the tie bet. This simply means both the players and the banker’s bet will end up in a tie. If you land on ties or stalemates, there are 9.5% chances of regular occurrences. Where the winner gets a payout of 8:1 on the money. But tie bets have a house edge of 14.35% which is extremely high, which makes the wager the worst kind of wager.


7 – You can place high bets in Exclusive Baccarat Games


The game is heavily inspired by Bond’s movie. Baccarat in the Bond movies is shown to be glamorous and glitzy. And attracted players quite easily. But nowadays baccarat does not force any such harsh rules on the players. Since people tend to play huge bets, the game produces higher revenue than their slot machines.

8 – Shoe Holding Eight Decks can be used to avoid Card Counting

In baccarat, every player tends to gain an edge over the other players at the baccarat table. But by putting eight decks in the shoes of the dealer and dealing more than one hand per minute, you can easily avoid card counting and secure the bottom line against the counters.



Baccarat was once ignored by the common gambler. Simply put, this was supposed to be a game for high rollers in curtained places. However, the baccarat scene has changed dramatically over the last two decades. It is now available to a much larger number of players. Baccarat’s success has largely been traced to devoted gamblers. Baccarat’s popularity has been boosted by online and live-dealer casinos too. They render the game more available to those who don’t usually gamble in land-based establishments.