How is Stadium Blackjack Played?

Stadium Blackjack is a relatively new game that is slowly gaining popularity in the US casinos including California, Las Vegas and Connecticut that have already started offering this version of Blackjack. But what exactly is Stadium Blackjack? Well simply put, it is a juxtaposition of two games: online and regular blackjack. The players will play with a live dealer at consoles that resemble video poker machines. This enables the active participation of a large group of players. Stadium Blackjack is ideal for those players who do not like to play at the real table. But there are some stark differences between the two ways of playing as in the former one you will have to enjoy less interaction sessions with the players. Another way where you can play in complete peace is online which consists of several Blackjack sites. Select the best ones and start playing the game.

What are the rules involved in Stadium Blackjack? 

What are the rules involved in Stadium Blackjack?

The dealer can be found occupying the middle position of a podium with the shuffling machine placed right next to him. The consoles can either be situated on the podium or spread across the casino. Many players are under this misconception that Stadium Blackjack is played in the form of an arcade, where they completely miss out on the live dealer’s presence drawing out the cards.

  1. Select a console where you can pay up your deposit amount. Some consoles offer bonuses whereas others don’t. The player can select as many rounds as he wants to play. He has to choose virtual chips as he does in online Blackjack. Usually, the betting limits are set differently across various games but in this game, you start with a minimum betting amount. You are offered the opportunity to select your dealer. 
  2. When the game starts, the dealer deals three cards- one for him and the remaining two for his players. That sets the common starting point for the game. Now, you have to choose an action-hit, double, split or surrender. The dealer then picks out the community cards. They are counted individually on the basis of the player’s decisions. Since the software manages these actions, it is advised for the player to concentrate on the game.
  3. Different rules are decided and set up in casinos. You will find that at some casinos, the blackjack provides a payout of 3:2 and in others a payout of 6:5. There can be some side bets involved in this game. Do remember that not all casinos provide the option of surrender.

Delving further into the game

Delving further into the game

In Stadium Blackjack, the rules can be customized and are set up by the casinos themselves which can differ from one gambling centre to another gambling centre. The majority of the players offer to play the game that offers you the payout of 6:5. Even though Stadium Blackjack looks like any regular Blackjack game, there are two main rules that make the game different from each other: fast play and no nagging

The game finishes very quickly. Since the machine deals the cards, the results are declared very swiftly, even faster than the dealers. When it comes to cheating or defrauding Stadium Blackjack is known to have reported fewer instances of such scenarios. However, you have to be very fast while making your moves as you get only 10-15 secs to decide your move. If you cannot decide within a short period, then the system automatically plans your move to stand. This can be frustrating for amateur players. 

Blackjack is a game that involves togetherness, fun and excitement. But this setting can be disturbed by an individual player who is referred to as a pro who will cruise each and every aspect of the game, including the ones who sit at the 3rd table. Stadium Blackjack enables participation in huge numbers but places restrictions on the players. 

This whole thing can come across as bad news for card-counters. But nowadays, most online and traditional casinos do not permit the entry of advantage players into premises.

Will stadium Blackjack overthrow regular Blackjack?

It’s not true. Stadium Blackjack is just one of the modern variations of the main game which has piqued the interest and curiosity among players. The game just gives off a different vibe than just the main one although the gameplay remains the same. But it will let original Blackjack lose its popularity.

Closing thoughts

Virtual Reality casinos are becoming the norm in the gambling industries. Stadium Blackjack is a futuristic game that fits the vision of technological advancing casino games. The game calls in for larger participation, and reduces the casino’s overall expenditure. It has gained resounding success among the players.

Stadium Blackjack has a mix of both the Blackjack games. It will thrive at traditional and online casinos. However, the biggest factor that can impact the popularity of the game can be the degree of socialisation as it does not allow much interaction when compared to the original Blackjack.