Ranking the Best Blackjack Movies of All Time

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that is loved and enjoyed by players around the globe. To make the most of the game, you must have an idea about everything, from the history of blackjack to blackjack side bets. While there are several ways to gain insights into the basics of the game, watching blackjack movies is a unique approach. 

If you want to learn more about blackjack through the movies, here is the complete list. Let’s take a look!

  • Croupier

When it is about the best blackjack movies, Croupier tops the list. Released in 1998, this movie is quite refreshing. The movie revolves around a young writer named Jack Manfred, who takes up a job at the casino as a croupier. He enjoyed seeing the gamblers lose. However, he broke a number of policies of the casino and had to suffer its consequences. The interesting story of this blackjack movie is worth a watch.

  • 21

Next on the list is the movie 21, which was released in the year 2008. It is a thrilling drama and crime movie. It is based on the real story of a very talented young student who isn’t capable of affording his scholarship. In the movie, you will come across Ben Campbell, an MIT student who has been enrolled in Harvard Medical School. However, the place seemed to be completely out of his budget, as the tuition fee was USD 300,000. 

Owing to his exceptional mathematical skills, he was invited by professor Micky Rosa to be a part of the secret blackjack team. The movie shows how the professor is building a team of bright minds and teaching them how to count cards in a casino. The professor is seen teaching the students the ways to beat the blackjack house. Gradually, the students were able to apply card counting and other tricks effectively at the casino and increased their winning probabilities. Ultimately, they became rich in much less time. However, with more money, they had to come across several troubles. This blackjack movie can teach you a lot about applying different tricks to blackjack games.

  • Rain Man

Rain Man is also one of the popular blackjack movies you must watch. Released in 1988, it is an iconic movie that features Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise plays the role of Charlie Babbitt, who imports Lamborghinis in the USA and resells them to millionaires. However, after the death of his father, things changed a lot for Charlie. He was shocked to discover that he had a mentally ill brother who had inherited USD 3 million from his father. On the other hand, Charlie inherited only one old Buick Roadmaster.

In addition to the mess in the personal life of Charlie, his professional life was also not going well. He was in debt of about USD 80,000. So, he decided to head to Las Vegas to try his luck and win money. However, this time he took his brother along with him, who was good at card counting. They were successful in making more than USD 86,000. As a result, Charlie was able to clear all his debt and return to Los Angeles. At the movie’s end, the doctor of the mental facility makes an offer of USD 25,000 to Charlie to leave his brother. But that is not the end of the movie. There is more to it.

  • The Last Casino

The Last Casino, released in 2004, is another classic movie based on the game of blackjack. The movie is based on Doug Barnes, a math professor who leverages card counting in order to beat the house. However, Wilson, the manager of the casino, takes a picture of Barnes and blacklists him from the casino. After being blacklisted, Barnes meets Orr, who has come to find out how the money he lost will be repaid. 

The maths professor came up with the idea of creating a team of students and teaching them to count cards. Elyse, George, and Scott, who had an incredible memory, were selected as the eligible members of the team. Orr invested and supported the team with the condition that 75% of the 50% share of Barnes would be taken by him. Initially, things were going on great. However, after some time, life took new turns, and everything changed around them. 

  • Swingers

Released in 1996, Swingers is yet another movie based on the game of blackjack. The storyline of the movie is fictional and not based on any true story. It shows the struggles of Mike Peters, who came to Los Angeles in order to seek his fortune. He was left heartbroken by his girlfriend, and a friend came to his help. Trent, one of his best buddies, takes him to Las Vegas. The city provides a number of temptations to individuals who are in search of fun. In the movie, you will explore a lot about the game of blackjack and how it affects the players. 


Blackjack online is indeed fun and full of excitement. Watching these movies can help you learn a lot about the game of blackjack. Whether you want to engage in stadium blackjack or live casino online, be sure to select a reliable platform. With several new casinos UK, making the right choice is vital for enhanced gameplay.