What You Should Know About EZ Baccarat

Are you a fan of casino online games? If yes, then you must have an idea of online baccarat. However, you might not be well-versed with EZ baccarat. Well, EZ baccarat is one of the popular versions of baccarat. It works much similar to the classic version. However, there are some differences in the rules. In the general version of the baccarat game, a 5% commission is charged when the players win the Bank Hand wager. This is often quite annoying for the players. But the good news is that it is not the case in EZ Baccarat. This version of baccarat eliminates the 5% commission. Instead, it pays the player with 1:1 when they win the banking wagers.

In the land-based casinos, the EZ baccarat table size is similar to the blackjack table with six to seven players involved in the game. A casino dealer is also present who deals the cards to the players. However, you can also enjoy EZ baccarat on a mobile casino. Now that you have a brief idea about the basics of the game, let’s get into more details.

Pros and Cons of Playing EZ Baccarat

Before knowing about the rules and strategies of the EZ baccarat, you must be wondering why you should play this game. As this is one of the popular baccarat variations, there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages of playing the game. Let’s take a look at the benefits first.

The pros of playing EZ baccarat are:

  • The 5% commission on winning the Bank Hand is eliminated.
  • It has fewer betting requirements in comparison to the traditional baccarat.
  • The house advantage on the Bank Hand is relatively lower than that of traditional baccarat.
  • Leveraging the known-card playing or card counting technique can provide the players with a better advantage.

The cons of playing the EZ baccarat are:

  • The game is played faster in comparison to the traditional baccarat, thereby exposing more of your bankroll to the house edge.

The objective of EZ Baccarat

Irrespective of how many players are involved in the game, two hands are only dealt. While one hand is called a Bank Hand, the other is known as Player Hand. Before dealing with the cards, each player will have to bet on which hand is likely to be closest to 9. Players can either place their bet on the bank hand, player hand, or both hands.

The maximum number of cards dealt with each hand is 3. On the basis of the initial card value, it is decided whether a third card is to be dealt with each hand or not. In order to determine whether the total value of a hand is 9 or not, you can add all the cards of the hand and consider the last digit. That means, if the total is 19, the last digital 9 will be taken into consideration.

Card Values

Every card in the game has a numeric value, and there is no relevance to the suits.

Here are the values of the cards involved in this version of baccarat.

  • 2s through 9s have a numerical value that is equal to the face value.
  • Picture cards such as King, Queen, and Jack, as well as the 10s, have a numeric value of 0.
  • The value of Aces is 1.

For either of the hands, the highest total that a player can have is 9. If the total numeric value of cards in hand exceeds 9, then you will have to apply some strategy in order to adjust the situation. You can go ahead with any one of these:

  • Subtract 10 from the total
  • Drop the first digit of the total sum.

In the game of blackjack, if the total of a hand is greater than 21, you bust. However, that is not the case in EZ baccarat. You can never bust in this game.

Lower House Edge

In the traditional baccarat game, the Bank Hand has a house edge of 1.06%. It has a low house advantage in spite of the 5% commission. However, the EZ baccarat can provide you with a better opportunity to win. As there is no commission, the house advantage of the bank hand is 1.02%.

The house edge of the Player Hand in this game is 1.24%. On the other hand, the tie has a house edge of 14.36%.

Rules of Third Card

In the traditional live baccarat as well as EZ baccarat, either of the hands or both the hands can draw a third card. The maximum number of cards that can be drawn per hand is 3. It is the players who will determine if one hand or both the hands need to draw a third card on the basis of the standard house rules. The dealer will not determine this. Well, you do not have to memorise the rules relating to the third card. However, if you know the rules, you are likely to enjoy the game even more.

Side Bets of EZ Baccarat

When it comes to side bets, there are two side bets of EZ baccarat, namely Panda 8 and Dragon 7. In the Panda 8 side bet, a player wins when the total of the Player Hand is 8. The house advantage is 10.19%, and the payoff is 25 to 1. In the case of the Dragon 7 side bet, a player wins if the total of the Bank Hand is 8. The house advantage of this side bet is 7.61%. The payoff is 40 to 1.


If you are looking for the best baccarat odds, then EZ baccarat is a game that you must play. The best thing about this version of baccarat is that it eliminates the 5% commission, thereby reducing the frustration of the players. However, that’s not the only benefit of playing the game, there are many more. So, if you are a live casino enthusiast, try your hands at the EZ baccarat and get a chance to win more.