The Most Common Mistakes Made by Novice Blackjack Players

Blackjack is one of the most exciting table games in the world of casinos. The lucrative odds and level of fun that the game offers are the main reasons for its growing popularity. Even though playing Blackjack may seem to be quite easy, there are high chances of committing several mistakes. Especially if you are new to the game, mistakes are very common. To make the most of the table game, here are the common Blackjack beginner mistakes you must avoid. Let’s dive in!

  • Not Reading the Table Rules

One of the very common mistakes that novice players commit is not reading the table rules of the Blackjack game. As a result, they end up choosing a table with poor rules. It impacts not only your gaming experience but also your chances of winning. The rules of the tables can even increase or decrease the Blackjack house edge. Most players prioritize selecting the right spot to sit. However, more than the right spot at the table, the very table you choose is important. 

Whether you are playing free Blackjack or real money Blackjack, make sure to read the table rules carefully. The rules can provide you with comprehensive information, right from the number of decks involved to the minimum bet. When it comes to the selection of the Blackjack tables, consider avoiding the tables with multiple decks or a 6:5 payout ratio.

  • Showing Off

Some novice players get so engrossed in the casino atmosphere that they start showing off. They start betting amounts more than what they can actually afford to lose. That is exactly where they commit a mistake. When you start playing Blackjack just to impress others present there, it can affect your gameplay negatively. To avoid such a situation, make sure to play mindfully. Try to keep the bets to a minimum and consider playing the table game in a responsible manner.

  • Not Understanding the Sign Language

The game of Blackjack involves sign language. For instance, when you want to stay or hit, you will have to communicate it to the dealer in sign language. However, many novice players are not aware of these sign languages, which limits them from engaging in the game in the right way. The main rationale for involving sign language is to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and record the intent of the players through the surveillance cameras.

  • Not Considering the Blackjack Strategy Chart

Finding a strategy to handle different Blackjack situations is quite tough. That is why players often refer to the Blackjack strategy charts. However, most novice players are not aware of the strategy chart. As a result, they make mistakes such as standing at 12 when the upcard of the dealer is 2 or 3, not splitting the pair of 8s, hitting on 11 when the upcard of the dealer is 10, and much more. 

To find the right strategy for every situation, referring to the Blackjack strategy chart is vital. The color-coded guide can help you determine when to stand, hit, double down, split, or surrender. It can improve your overall gameplay and increase your fun.

  • Being Too Serious

One of the common Blackjack beginner mistakes is becoming too serious about the game. Some even start thinking of it to be a source of making money. However, being too serious can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is always recommended to consider playing Blackjack solely for fun. If you view it as a fun game, you are sure to make the most of Blackjack and enjoy it to the core.

  • Misadding the Aces

Aces are very tricky. It is because the aces have two values – 1 and 11. In order to decide what to do next, you will have to consider both values. That can be quite confusing for novice players. In case you are not sure about the total, consider taking the help of the dealer. When the count of Ace is 11, it is known as a “soft” hand. On the other hand, when the count of Ace is 1, it is considered to be a “hard” hand.

  • Making Side Bets

Another common mistake committed by novice players is making side bets. The side bets in Blackjack are quite tempting as they provide higher payouts in comparison to the normal games. So, the new players easily get attracted to such bets with the hope of winning more amounts. However, a point to note here is that the house edge of such bets is very high. So, it might lower the winning chances of the players.

  • Taking Insurance

Insurance is often viewed as a good thing owing to general terms like health insurance and car insurance. That is what makes novice players opt for Blackjack insurance. However, taking insurance in Blackjack is just bad as making side bets. It can increase the house edge to more than 7%. Therefore, you must consider avoiding Blackjack insurance at any cost.

  • Following the Team Approach

Often, novice players consider the game of Blackjack to be a team sport. They think that all the players on the table work together in order to beat the dealer. However, such a perception is actually wrong. It is true that to win the game, you need to beat the dealer. But you will have to do it individually. There isn’t any team approach in Blackjack. You might find players on your table shouting to hit or double down to beat the dealer. Make sure not to pay attention to such advice. Instead, focus on using your own judgment and figuring out the right strategy for the situation.


By now, you must have an idea of the Blackjack beginner mistakes. Whether you are playing stadium Blackjack or any other variant, make sure to avoid these mistakes. Try to choose the right table and read the rules carefully. Learn the basic Blackjack strategies and enhance your gaming experience the best.