Here’s A List of All the Popular Roulette Betting Systems

The variations of online casino Roulette that are so popular with today’s gamers are broadly focused on a long-standing casino game. Roulette is said to have originated from wheel-based ideas such as the ancient Wheel of Fortune and the Old English wheel game Even/Odd, and from an Italian board game called Biribiri, even though no one knows for sure. It is also known that Blaise Pascal related the theory of probability to games of chance, but most scholars claim Roulette originated in Italy in the 17th century.

It was, however, between Europe’s 18th and 19th centuries that the game started to appear in a more modern form.

As a single zero game, European Roulette originated, and this variant remains popular around the world. However, a double zero method was used in the American Roulette version, which gave the house a stronger edge.

It is only with extensive internet access that Roulette has become very popular and many online casino players have been inspired by its exciting gameplay.

Difference between betting systems and strategies

Players should become familiar with the distinction between betting systems and strategies before they get into learning the different types.

  • As it seems, these two words are often used, especially where gambling is involved, as synonymous ones. Yet, there are also players with similar but not equivalent interpretations that interpret strategies and systems as words.
  • When gambling strategies are concerned, players take a variety of steps to ensure that they reach a particular target they have set, which is a long-term goal much of the time.
  • With this in mind, gambling frameworks are a blend of mechanisms or values that players subscribe to when betting on a single game. The clearest distinction between these two words stems from the fact that while betting methods encourage players to change their strategy, players should stick to betting schemes with predetermined rules.

Applying a system in online Roulette

  • All existing online casino operators have introduced distinct versions of the game to their portfolios due to the enormous success of Roulette.
  • This is potentially excellent news for players who like to experiment with multiple Roulette schemes, so they will figure out which one fits best for them.
  • You will play the game at your speed, take notes and figure out which technique is more suited for you and the bankroll size if you go for the online versions of Roulette.
  • In Fun Mode, there is also the option to play the games without risking your own money.
  • As winning numbers in online Roulette are decided by an RNG, there is no human element to affect the result of the game.
  • Finally, there are no-limit Roulette play and online variants with greater table limits.

Popular Roulette systems

Now let’s look at a short overview of these various systems for Roulette.

The D’Alembert system

This method depends on the (unsupported) assumption that over a certain period wins do balance out. So, if you were betting on the number 12, which for the first 100 spins was a good strategy, the D’Alembert method suggests it’s a smart decision to switch-just because it’s in the ‘nature of chance’ that other number payouts are now going to start ‘catching up’. Although this definition might sound right, it is generally described as the Gambler’s Fallacy.

The Fibonacci Number Sequence system

The Fibonacci number sequence, also referred to as ‘nature’s code,’ is built by adding a new number that is the sum of the two previous digits. It continues as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55… So the sequence goes like this: 0+1 = 1; 1+1 = 2; 1+2 = 3; etc. If you bet 10, lose and bet 20 (10 + 10), lose and bet 30 (10 + 20) etc.

The 6 Pence Roulette system

The goal of a 6 Pence strategy is essential to cover as much of the ground as possible with the Roulette field. For example, one single chip covers six digits, and the general idea is to try to at least break even on every spin. That of course, means acknowledging that any achievement in straight-up betting would just be a bonus.

The Green-Black Attack Roulette System

At the core of this technique is the layout of red and black numbers. The left-most column begins on 1, the middle column on 2, and the right-hand column on 3, looking at the arrangement of the number columns from behind the wheel. But the same columns have six, eight and four black numbers, respectively, in terms of the distribution of red and black numbers. This scheme gives gamblers to the chance to benefit from the greater accumulation of black numbers in the central column.

Clocking spins system

Spin clocking is a process that often gamblers have attempted to use on live casino tables. It is simply an attempt to observe and measure the chance of landing the spinning ball in some parts of the wheel and to change betting techniques. Playing an online Roulette in Swift Casino, however, removes all such concerns, and therefore gives any gambler an equal chance of achieving a win.

Positive vs. Negative Progressive Roulette Systems

We may differentiate between two major forms of progressive Roulette betting models, respectively positive and negative ones. When players adopt certain progressive schemes based on whether their previous bets have won or lost, they change the size of their betting units.

  • Some are based on optimistic betting, meaning that with each loss, players are supposed to decrease their bet size and increase it each time they win.
  • Some systems depend, however, on flat or level betting. Players that embrace them do not raise or reduce the scale of their stakes. They put the same bet, with the same stake, before they win if they manage to fail their first wager.

Are Roulette systems effective?

This is the question at one point or another that all Roulette players have asked themselves. The bottom line is that when you take a seat at the Roulette table, it all depends on luck and chance.

Few systems perform differently than others but no Roulette machine will help you determine exactly the pocket the ball will fall in at the end of the day. There is no recollection for either the ball or the Roulette wheel because the Roulette scores are still based on a random principle i.e., all numbers have an equal probability of spinning.

Implementing a betting scheme, however, may have its rewards. For example, when entering a longer losing streak, following a particular betting scheme will deter players from making rushed decisions and chasing their losses.

Betting systems also enable better control of one’s bankroll, which is a fast-paced game such as Roulette, is important. It is important to note that in the short term, Roulette betting schemes will help players turn a profit, but in the long term, the house still wins and all games have a slight built-in edge in favour of the casino.