Exploring Street Bets in Roulette

If you have ever heard about street bet roulette, please note that it is not a game but an indication of street bets in roulette. With misconceptions and mistakes looming large, it’s time to look at facts and understand street bets in the right manner. For this purpose, you require a detailed take on the subject, one that covers all the important points.

Hence, the following write up is all that you will ever require as it moves forward to provide all the information that one needs to know about street bets in roulette. 

What is a street bet?

While playing online roulette, it is important to acknowledge the presence of different types of bets because the system offers the same for all players. So exploring street bet is certainly a top requirement as it not only helps you play single or double-number bets but goes forward with three-number bets. 

Yes, that’s right. Street bets bring in the opportunity to place bets on three consecutive numbers which are placed next to each other on the betting layout. Picking a trio from the layout will help you place this bet and move ahead to understand what it can offer. 

Considering the payout ratio is 11 to 1, you should know that a street bet is not as risky as a straight bet. 

The number zone

Since street bets revolve around the number zone, you need to know all that the betting layout has to offer and more importantly, how to read them. A large area or a grid that contains all the numbers from the wheel is usually what is said about the number zone. And it more or less remains the same for different kinds of roulette, whether or not you are playing it offline or at an online casino.

So exploring the number zone is your first mission and by doing so, you will be equipped to explore street bets.

How to place the street bet

Looking forward to placing street bets should always be done at the right time. Considering how the roulette wheel plays out, we need to take in the risks of the game and be ready to explore all that it brings to the table. So when you genuinely feel that the time is right, you need to place the bet with utmost caution.

Pick up the chip values and look to place them on the outside line. Always remember that numbers need to be consecutive like 25, 26 & 27. Once you have picked the trio, you need to place the bet accordingly based on the row or street. 

And if the bet happens to land on your preferred three numbers, you will be earning according to the payout. So always be aware of the risks and look to make good use of the same. While the process does sound simple, it brings in a few risks and it is something that you need to be aware of.

The numbers

The numbers

While differences do come in between American roulette and European roulette, they tend to be the same while looking into the numbers for placing street bets. They stand to be of the same value, thus making it vital that you place bets accordingly. 

And in terms of specific numbers, you should know that there are over 12 rows for you to choose from. From these rows, you can pick three consecutive numbers and move forward to place the bet. 

Row #1 – 3, 6 & 9

Row #2 – 12,15 & 18

Row #3 – 21, 24 & 27

Row #4 – 30, 33 & 36

Row #5 – 2, 5 & 8

Row #6 – 11, 14 & 17

Row #7 – 20, 23 & 26

Row #8 – 29, 32 & 35

Row #9 – 1, 4 & 7

Row #10 – 10, 13 & 16

Row #11 – 19, 22 & 25

Row #12 – 28, 31 & 34

The inclusion of the house edge

It has turned out to be a norm to look at the house edge before placing any kind of bet. As a routine move, many tend to gain a few insights from the same and then decide whether or not they need to make this happen. So the house edge for street bets differs for the American and European roulette. 

While the American version brings in a house edge of 5.26%, the single zero European version does so with a house edge of 2.63%. Considering the special changes that come with these versions, the difference in house edge is one that you need to look into. 

Understanding street bet payout odds

As we have already mentioned, the payout ratio for this type of bet is 11:1, making a €5 wager provide you with €55. However, the payout will also include the value of the bet, meaning that you will receive €60 in total. But there are considerable risks that also come into the picture which make the payout odds or the roulette odds a bit different. 

Understanding them and standing up to acknowledge the same will certainly make a difference and it is one that will be valuable for all kinds of players.


The different types of bets that revolve around roulette are important topics that people need to know about. They tend to cover a unique form of betting that some may be aware of while others are yet to learn about the same. So by looking to understand how to place street bets, how the number zone affects the criteria and so on, you will be looking into a bit more about the expansive world of roulette.

While that can never guarantee victory, it does make a difference in helping you explore a few more opportunities. So you should look towards understanding street bets and make it a point to explore the same because you may never know when an opportunity comes knocking.