Learn about the various blackjack card values

Blackjack is one of the most exciting and popular card games in the world of casinos. The rules of the Blackjack games are quite simple and easy to pick. The best thing is that you need not be a maths genius to make the most of the game. Instead, you just need to have a good understanding of the basic rules and be more observant about the betting patterns. You also need to know when to opt for doubling down and when to stand. Apart from these, having an idea of the Blackjack card values is also vital. In this guide, you will explore everything you need to know about card values. Let’s explore!

The Possible Outcomes of Blackjack

When playing the game of Blackjack at the online casinos, there are 5 possible outcomes. Let’s take a look at the outcomes!

  • If you are successful in scoring higher than the dealer or getting a score of 21 or less, you win the game.
  • If you achieve a score of 21 or less, but the dealer is successful in beating your score, you lose the game.
  • If your total score is 21 or below and the dealer goes bust, you win the game.
  • If you go bust, you lose the game.
  • If you score the same as the dealer, it is a tie, and your bet is returned.

Card Values of Blackjack You Must Know

In the game of Blackjack, a deck of 52-playing cards is usually used. Each of the cards in the deck has a specific point value. Understanding these Blackjack card values will enable you to achieve the desired score without going bust. The good news is that the card values are not complex and easy to comprehend. 

When it comes to card values, first comes the cards from 2 to 10. Well, these cards have the same point value as their face value. That means the value of the 2-numbered card is 2, the 3-numbered card is 3, and so on. 

However, things are not the same with face cards or picture cards. The picture cards include the queens, jacks, and kings. All these cards have a point value of 10. 

Next is the ace card. In any deck, you will find 4 ace cards. The point value of the ace can be either 11 or 1. It depends on different situations. Unless the total of your hand exceeds 21, the ace is counted as 11. 

Now that you know about the card values, the next thing you need to understand is the different hands in the game of Blackjack.

Hand Total

In simple words, the hand total refers to the total point values of all the cards that a player has. For instance, if a player has a hand consisting of a 5-numbered card and a 4-numbered card, then the hand total is 9. On the other hand, in case the player has a 5-numbered card and an ace, the hand total is 16. 

Player’s Hand

The Player’s hand refers to the cards dealt to the players. Initially, two cards are dealt to each of the players at the Blackjack table. In case the player reaches the score of 21, it becomes a Blackjack hand, and the player wins. One of the ways in which the player can reach the desired score is by getting a 10-value card and an ace. However, if the player goes beyond 21, it is known as a bust.

If a player is not successful in getting a Blackjack with the initial two cards dealt, they can request additional cards to get closer to 21. The act of requesting another card is referred to as hitting in the game of Blackjack. The value of the new cards gets added to the total score. So, players need to be careful about getting close to 21 without going over it. In case you do not want to get more additional cards, you can choose to stand. 

Blackjack Hand

When the point value of your cards totals 21, it is known as a Blackjack hand. There are chances that you may get a Blackjack hand when the initial two cards are dealt to you. For instance, if you get an ace and a 10-value card, it is a Blackjack hand. Similarly, when you get an ace and a queen, it is also a Blackjack hand. 

Soft Hand

A soft hand is another important hand that you need to know in the game of Blackjack. A soft hand is a situation in which the ace present in a player’s hand can be either counted as 1 or 11 points. If you have soft hands, you are in an advantageous position in comparison to the dealer. It provides you with greater flexibility and gives you the assurance that the next hit is not a bust. However, that does not at all mean you need to hit always. You need to be very careful with your decision to avoid the chances of going bust. 

There are a number of combinations that can result in soft hands. Some of the combinations include:

  • A three, a four, and an ace
  • A nine and an ace
  • A four and an ace

Hard Hands

A hard hand is a hand in which there is no varying ace value. In this hand, a player can have an Ace with a single-point value or no Ace at all. The situations in which hard hands may occur include:

  • A three, an ace, and a jack
  • A seven and a ten
  • A five, an eight, and an ace
  • A ten, a seven, and an ace
  • A six, a five, and an ace 


By now, you must have gained a complete idea about the Blackjack card values. It is time to engage in a real game and test your luck. Whether you are playing Stadium Blackjack or any other variant, having knowledge of the card values is a must. With a good understanding of the card values and the basic strategies of Blackjack, enhancing your gameplay is quite simple and easy. However, for the best experience, make sure to select reliable and top-rated mobile casinos. Also, try to avoid the Blackjack insurance and Blackjack side bets.